15 Rules to Mastering the Corporate Game

Corporate Rules

The Zen Master Jump

I’ve played the Corporate game long enough to know that it ain’t all roses.

There’s been plenty of blood, sweat, and sleepless nights along the way.

In everyone’s career there are peaks and valleys and amidst the roller coaster ride you start to question if its a game that’s really worth playing at all.

But I can tell it is…if you learn to play the corporate game like a master.

When you do, it becomes raw, unpredictable, and even adventurous.

And that is why it’s beautiful.

The problem is that most people fail to ever see working in Corporate as a game.

They just miss out by playing it safe, paying their dues, getting pigeonholed, and dreading Monday morning..

The corporate spoils go to those who want to push boundaries, make an impact, and look for something much bigger than themselves to contribute to.

It’s also for those who are willing to make a personal connection, create with abandon, and risk failure.

If you’re not willing to go there, then the Corporate game may not be for you.

But if you’re courageous enough to play, then you’ll find your most energizing, inspired work still a head.

Create your career masterpiece by mastering the corporate game, according to these rules:

  1. Prepare for the rules to change while you’re still playing.
  2. Realize that Trust is the only currency of the Corporate game.
  3. Be willing to lose (and keep playing).
  4. Advance through collaboration and alliance building.
  5. Advance by working outside your comfort zone.
  6. Advance through learning from failure.
  7. Gain leverage by being willing to walk away.
  8. Get extra points for trying things before your ready.
  9. Maintain your health to keep stamina for the duration.
  10. Recognize that mood and emotion ultimately control the game, not power and authority.
  11. Accept that laughter and a sense of humor may be the best way out of a bind.
  12. Learn to enjoy playing the game versus obsessing over winning.
  13. Find creative ways to mix business and pleasure to gain a sustainable edge
  14. Control the only element you can. Yourself
  15. If you don’t enjoy the game you’re playing, redesign it.

This last rule is the most important.

Many employees see the Corporate game as either you play or get out.

Having only these two options is incredibly limiting.

Realize that you have the option to redesign parts of the game that aren’t working for you while you continue to play.

In fact, redesigning on the fly is part of the fun of playing in the first place.

Please add in the comments below which rules should be added to this list.

To Mastering the Corporate Game!


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