3 Ways to Bring Your Luke Skywalker to Work (Podcast)

Luke Skywalker at Work

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I love Star Wars….so much that I pleaded with my wife (who hadn’t seen them) soon after were married to watch all the movies consecutively.

I even remember telling her that if she really wanted to “understand me”‘, she had to watch it…which thankfully she did 🙂

Star Wars is incredible on so many levels but there’s one thing specifically that get’s to me every single time I hear that theme song.


Now you might be thinking of him as the cuddly green Skywalker sidekick but there’s a much bigger story that so many miss.

For me, Yoda is actually Luke’s inner voice…or inner hero if you will.

Like Luke, you’ve got your own inner hero (inner voice/Yoda) that can help you seek your own path. 

In the movie, Luke is loaded with the expectations from his family, the Republic, his close supporters.

At first he doesn’t handle them very well.

But slowly he starts to pay attention.

Then even in the midst of battle and incredible conflict Luke listens to his inner voice to make decisions based on what he stands for.

Things eventually turn out well.

So both you and I are Luke…but we can’t forget about the cultivating the Yoda within.

Consider it a 2 for 1 deal.

When you listen, you get the confidence and courage to seek your own answers.  

Early on I really didn’t listen to my own inner voice. When I had a question I went to a textbook, an Encyclopedia, the internet, my parents…always seeking the “right” answer.

In fact, I’m not sure I really had a single real thought of my own until I was out of college and into by late 20’s.

You can listen to the podcast attached to get the story of when I finally met my own Yoda…it wasn’t pretty.

So bringing this back to you…

What voice will you choose to listen to?

Where will you seek your answers?

Listen to this podcast to get:

  • Why your own personal Skywalker is essential to avoiding burnout…you don’t have to lose a hand like Luke
  • 3 ways to find your own personal Yoda
  • How to show-up at work like Luke Skywalker
  • How to use the Skywalker strategy to battle burnout
  • How I Met My Yoda…and why the boss was Vader

May the Force Be with You!


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