5 Ways to Seamlessly Handle Interruptions While Staying in Flow

5 Ways to Seamlessly Handle Interruptions and Stay on Track

When you stay on task, you get more work done and get a greater return on your focus. Interruptions are inevitable so adopt a strategy to handle them and stay on task.

Did you know that the average office only gets 11 minutes of continuous work done before they get interrupted? Then it takes an average of 23 minutes and 11 seconds to get back on task.

Those interruptions can impact work quality by as much as 20%. Costing the US Economy $588 billion dollars a year.

So the trick is to have a strategy to handle interruptions then quickly get back on task.


Try one of these next time you’re interrupted:

  1. Anticipate the interruption – Consider what interruptions routinely occur and address them before you get into your workflow
  2. Set a good example – Before you interrupt others, consider the example you’re setting. If you must interrupt, lead with… ’Is this a good time?’
  3. Have an upfront conversation – don’t assume anyone recognizes that you don’t want to be interrupted – let them know!
  4. Prepare a script for when you’re interrupted – One example is “I’m in the middle of a big project right now, is it okay if I check with you later? Or you can book some time with me on my calendar”
  5. Book an appointment with yourself – block time on your calendar to reduce the false perception that you’re available for anything

So what’s your tip to stay on task in an environment filled with interruptions? Please share in the comments below.