Abby Leibowitz

Every leader is in Customer Service whether they realize it or not. Your customer could be your boss, your colleagues, project stakeholders, or of course... your company’s customers. Yet, most employees don’t operate this way.

When you instill the customer service mindset in your team, you notice a boost in productivity, morale, and results. Customer service is so important because it's one of the things that sets your company apart from competitors. It determines if customers come back or not.

Enter my interview with CEO Abby Leibowitz of Call Experts with a strategy for increasing customer service, getting your employees to care about customers, and even a terrific method for calming an irate customer.

This episode is for you if you’ve ever wanted an edge on your competition when it comes to providing great customer service.

Since joining Call Experts, Abby Leibowitz has transformed the company into an international corporation, serving brands all over the world to guide and implement their customer service offerings in the contact center space. Her other work includes developing solutions for customer experience mapping and focusing on AI and automation.

Her most recent tech project, Abridged Tech, specializes in automated and AI driven communication solutions that can easily be implemented for workforce efficiency and business intelligence insights.

Under her leadership, Call Experts was recognized seven times in the Inc. Magazine 5000 List of America’s fastest growing companies and has won several other growth and workplace excellence recognitions. 

At age 26, Leibowitz was named to the list of “40 Under 40” as recognition of outstanding leadership in the Charleston business community by the Charleston Regional Business Journal and as one of the youngest candidates to ever earn this honor. 

In 2019, Leibowitz was named by Charleston Business Magazine, Greenville Business Magazine, and Columbia Business Magazine as one of the Top Women in Business for South Carolina for 2019. She was also honored as one the Best & Brightest 35 & Under by Charleston Business Magazine. 

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  • The evolution of the impact of accents and customer service.
  • The REAL difference between clarity of tone and comprehension.
  • Shout out to Matthew McConaughey.
  • How to calm an irate customer.
  • How to get your employees to care about customers.
  • The “Adam Grant” hack to boost customer service.
  • Why actors often make GREAT call center employees.
  • The journey of growing a business.
  • The advice she’d give her younger self.
  • How to prioritize for success.
  • The one trait she would instill in every employee... be light hearted and have a sense of humor.
  • Three leadership success strategies.
  • Tracking the REAL cost of turnover.
  • Employee retention strategies.
  • Colorful stories from the front lines.


“Busy isn’t a determination of success.”


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