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Alan Magee is Vice President of Digital Marketing & Technology for Church’s Chicken, which has over 1,500 restaurants. He is responsible for digital transformation and their customer engagement strategy. He also oversees marketing activation, public relations, and e-commerce.

Alan Magee has 17 years of experience in both traditional brand marketing and digital innovation.  He’s held senior leadership positions at InterContinental Hotels Group, Arby’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and AT&T.

Alan Magee has been recognized as a Brand Innovator 40 under 40 honoree, a distinction that highlights the next generation of marketing leaders. 

Additionally, Alan is a member of the University of Georgia – School of Digital Marketing: Board of Directors and is a guest lecturer for marketing and advertising departments at universities across the Southeast.

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  • An important life-lesson from working as a line cook at McDonald’s.
  • What is Digital Transformation and why every company can benefit.
  • The science behind designing a great kid’s meal toy.
  • Alan’s story of leading Toastmasters in a retirement community, and how it’s fueled his career advancement.
  • A daily checklist you can follow to increase your success.
  • Alan's LinkedIn reading strategy that helps him stay sharp.
  • The defining moment in Alan’s career when he had to step up.
  • Three traits to instill in every employee.
  • The hidden employee turnover cost that most leaders miss.
  • A surprising Post-It Note strategy that helps Alan retain his top talent.


Traits Alan would instill in every employee:

  • Curiosity.
  • Proactive positive attitude.
  • Being ready.


"You can work hard and have fun."

"Digital Transformation is making a brand and experience relevant to the consumer's needs."

"Routines help you focus."

"Focus on growth early on in your career."

“Cause when you start to ask the question ‘why?’ you start to put the context around it.”

"Too often great talent leaves for reasons that are manageable. You must understand 'Why'."

"When high performing talent leaves it can set your brand back. It can set your team back by months."

"If you're not investing your time in developing your team, then expect them to leave."

“Presentation skills are one of those soft skills that you need to focus on if you want to move up into a leadership role.”


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