Angela Oakley

Episode 15: Angela Oakley

Chief Financial Officer at The Mental Health Center of Denver, Angela Oakley, oversees the organization’s accounting, finance, contracting/payer strategies and accounts receivable functions.

The Mental Health Center of Denver (MHCD) stands out as the leader in offering innovative, holistic programs for mental health and overall well-being in Colorado.

Since coming to the MHCD, Angela created systems that enable the organization to spot financial issues and respond to them quickly and effectively.

She takes a simplified approach to making complex financial information meaningful and actionable to all leaders within the organization as well as to the community. Her efforts at basic financial education have made financial discussions more interactive and productive within the staff.

Angela has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare finance. She has worked in both nonprofit and for-profit organizations including hospitals, insurance entities and other healthcare establishments. Angela is passionate about leadership and mission-oriented work, which inspires her to enhance well-being throughout the community.

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  • Angela's unpredictable journey to C-Suite.
  • How self-awareness fuels Angela's career.
  • Key advice for introverts in the C-Suite.
  • What happened when Angela bravely shared her new idea at a meeting.
  • Angela's success routine for starting the day on the right foot
  • The benefits of self-reflection training.
  • The mission of The Mental Health Center of Denver.
  • The importance of every employee understanding the financials.
  • Angela's advice to women wanting to be CFOs or in a head financial position.
  • How Angela conquers her fears and reduces uncertainty before making new decisions.
  • What trait Angela would instill in every employee.
  • What processes Angela has in place for firing.
  • How does Angela approach and help a burned out employee.


“I figured out, early on, how important it is to understand myself and then use that in how I relate to others.”

“Listen to understand before trying to be understood.”


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