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Start trusting your gut as a leader. This can seem like something that could easily go wrong and have disastrous consequences, particularly when it goes "against the data".

But, making tough decisions is something that ALL leaders have to do at some point or another, and more often than not these decisions are based on instinct. This is especially true when the data is incomplete or bad.

I hosted Anush Prabhu, US Chief Strategy Officer and Global Chief Strategy Officer, Creative Transformation for MediaCom. He explains how in these moments, it's important to trust your intuition and make the decision that you believe is best for everyone involved. We dive into three key strategies to trust your gut and make better decisions.

Anush has been an instrumental part of the transformational growth of Mediacom since 2017, leading it to become the fastest-growing media agency and being awarded Agency of the Year three times during that period.

He has also been credited for helping shape several of the agencies’ offerings, including Creative Systems, which provides platform-first creativity that drives relevance and growth for clients such as Dell, Pokémon, and P&G.

He has been honored as an Adweek’s Media All-Star, Adweek Young Influential, International Innovator, and Integrated Marketing Influential over the years. He is also an ardent champion of diversity and inclusion, advocating for the cause on industry boards.

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  • The valuable leadership lesson he learned from his job going door-to-door.
  • How the art of listening helped them create an award-winning campaign for Pokemon.
  • The big leadership skill that gives you an edge in the Metaverse.
  • The biggest Metaverse mistakes leaders are making.
  • 3 steps for trusting your gut as a leader.
  • Why trusting your gut can lead to better decisions.
  • A critical step to creating a culture of trust for your team.
  • Why employees must stand up to their boss (and how to do it).
  • The catastrophic cost of turnover and how to avoid it.
  • Two failures that lead to BIG wins down the road.


“Failure is the best teacher.”

“You don't have to have all the answers before you make a move.”


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