Arianna Ehmer

What does it take to transform an “old school’ culture into one of fun AND peak performance?

Many leaders see these as opposing forces but there’s a surprising synergy that you’ll learn about in my interview today.

Get inspired by Top 10 Accounting firm COO, Arianna Ehmer, of CBIZ Accounting & Tax, who shares a powerful vision and strategy to “get stuff done” while injecting fun, trust, and connection.

CBIZ is an organization with over 120 offices and nearly 7,000 associates throughout the U.S and you’ll discover how Arianna is impacting this organization at scale while delivering for clients.

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  • The benefit of a black background in your home office.
  • How she broke the mold: A strategy to succeed as an Executive in a Top 10 accounting firm despite perceptions.
  • The success principle she learned working in the world of college sports.
  • Boosting employee engagement and performance: The crucial role of fun and focus in office culture.
  • How to foster a culture of change in an “old school” industry.
  • Unlocking potential: The power of technology to streamline mundane tasks and enrich your work life.


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