A Sure Way to Kill Your Career Dream (and how to keep it alive)

What do you do when you have no choice at work?

Mel Gibson as William Wallace wearing woad.

No Burnout Here, Thanks

In other words you “have” to do something?

You might find yourself pouring on the complaining and mixing it with a personal mood of resentment and even anger.

When you’ve gone through this enough times, you end up with the nasty career burnout cocktail (speaking from experience it’s not a cocktail you want a double of).

Then this might lead to just slogging through whatever report, conversation, or sales call you’ve got (think Igor going for a swim in quicksand…not going to end well).

This can be miserable, a career buzz kill, and if you have enough of this “have to” stuff on your to-do list you’ll end up in burnout before you know it.

Having No Choice is Cumulative

If you happen remain in the world of “no choice” long enough, it can start to have a cumulative effect.

Your life’s dreams are threatened and your career mission is at stake.

Seth Godin really layed it down when he blogged, “saying you have no choice cuts off all options, absolves responsibility, and is the dream killer.”

“It might start with “I had no choice, I just couldn’t get out of bed.”

“I had no choice, it was the best program I could get into.”

“I had no choice, he told me to do it…”

Realistically it’s probably more accurate to say, “the short-term benefit/satisfaction/risk avoidance was a lot higher than anything else, so I chose to do what I did.”

This overtly points out that even when you don’t think have a choice in the matter, you’re actually making one.

Your Freedom Alternative

One of the most helpful moods I’ve found to alleviating burnout is freedom.

I like freedom.

When I’m in the mood of freedom, I’m aware that I always have a choice.

It feels empowering, uplifting, and stabilizing.

I feel in control.

In freedom you get to choose how to interpret what happens and then what you do next.

Just imagine if your work day started in the mindset that Mel Gibson’s character has in the the final battle of Braveheart?  Time’s are tough for Scotland, but they’re conquering the miserable mood of the times and turning the tide.

How about FREEDOM!…to choose how to interpret your work day.

“You” the Freedom Fighter

You can literally freely choose to see any occurrence as good or bad or as a reason to pursue what matters or just sit on your butt (your choice).

In fact, some of the most amazing work can come from situations where everyone else feels like there is no choice.

When you realize you have freedom, you can make the difficult choices that involve painful sacrifices, advance planning or just plain guts.

This everyday choice can keep your career dream burning.

You’ve got access to freedom at every moment and every day.

Time to start acting like it.

To Igniting your Career!