How Your Employees Quits…

Research Reveals What Your Employees' Resignation Letters Really Mean. How to Use It to Improve

Research shows how company leaders can use employee resignation data to see if they have a bigger problem. My personal experience shows why this is so important for organizations to understand. Now these types of data points have been aggregated in an interesting research study. This research is so telling because it catches employees at the single point where they have the most leverage in the corporate-employee relationship yet they are still leaving. Learn how to use it to improve.

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Surprising Research Explains Why Employee Quit their Jobs

Research Reveals the 3 Days Your Employees Are Likely to Quit. Here's How to Stop It

It’s not just what happens at work that makes employees quit their jobs. Research from CEB shared in the Harvard Business Review shows significant job hunting spikes on work anniversaries, big mid-life birthdays, and high school reunions. When leaders are aware of these dates, they can preempt their top talent from quitting.

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How to Make Your Employee Turnover a Good Thing

How to Avoid Letting the Wrong People Go

Many leaders stumble when someone on their team decides to quit. They either hesitate and their top talent gets away, or they throw money at the problem and end up retaining the wrong employees. Both can have a devastating impact on the future of the team and organization. Instead, answer these three questions to know exactly your best move.

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The Beautiful Upside of Employee Turnover

Why Losing Employees Can be a Good Thing

0 percent is rarely the right employee turnover goal, because some turnover is good. It strengthens and invigorates the organization by removing those who are not a good fit and creates space for new employees with fresh ideas and new energy. It also creates space for employees to grow into roles of greater responsibility which is an essential ingredient in retaining them.

You need employee turnover; the only question is how much? Determine your organization’s ideal turnover rate answering these three questions…

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The Business Advantage of Allowing Employees to Work from Home

To Cut Turnover, Allow Employees to Work from Home

Organizations that do not allow employees to work from home are missing out on a strategic business advantage. A research study by Stanford shows that employees who work from home have 50 percent less turnover and are 17 percent more productive (almost a full day per week).

The study shows that instead of employees slacking off their responsibilities, they actually worked harder and were happier overall.

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The 5-Minute Leadership Action that Boosts Team Productivity

What Every Leader Must Share in order to Inspire and Increase Employee Performance

A research study by Wharton Professor Adam Grant demonstrates how giving your team the gift of “task significance” and meaning effectively boosts their productivity and motivation. You can do this simply by explaining how and why their work is important.

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The One Thing Every Leader Can Give to Retain and Develop Your Best Employees

This is the Costly Mistake Executives Make by Not Mentoring Future Leaders

Senior executives are often too busy to mentor their future leaders. This turns out to be a missed opportunity to retain and develop top performers. It can be done in less time and more cost effectively than most executives ever realize.

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The Magic and Simplicity of Collaboration

The Easy Way to Get Your Employees to Collaborate

Leaders often spend their time trying to get their team to work together. Forcing them to collaborate is rarely very effective and only works temporarily. Instead, encourage them to proactively work together with a ‘workplace exchange’ of activities; and watch their productivity and morale take off.

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This Counterintuitive Work Strategy Boosts Productivity Over 20%

You Can Spare 15 Minutes a Day For the Habit That Will Make Your Team More Productive

Leaders can quickly increase their team’s productivity by introducing a new habit to help them work more effectively. This seems counterintuitive, but if you and your team stop working 15-minutes before you walk out the office door or log off your computer and reflect on what you learned, you can boost productivity over 20 percent.

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How to Stop Wasting Money on Employee Retention

How to Never Waste Money Again on Employee Retention

When you lose one of the best people on your team, it can damage your team’s productivity, and it often means more work for you. It’s even worse when you aren’t equipped with the budget to retain them. The good news today is that some of the easiest and best ways to keep your best team members doesn’t involve throwing money at the problem.

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