Catastrophic Employee Turnover -- Here's How to Respond (Without Raising Pay)

How to Defend Your Team Against the Job Hopping Epidemic

A large percentage of your team is likely less focused on their job and heavily engaged in the pursuit of something better. This negatively impacts productivity and drives up employee turnover cost -- two factors that damage the bottom-line. However, you can go on the offensive against this job-hopping headwind with a few simple actions, retain your top talent, and increase their productivity.

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5 Strategies to Thrive When Turnover Escalates

How to Rock Your Team Results Even With a Lot of Employee Turnover

According to the US Gallup Job Creation Index, job creation is at a nine-year year high. While some employees are toasting their abundant job opportunities, business owners suffer tighter hiring markets and higher turnover. High turnover can quickly damage your company's bottom-line through increased hiring costs and lost employee productivity. The good news is that you can reduce and even avoid much of the impact by adopting a few important strategies.

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A good deadline makes things happen

The Power of Setting Good Deadlines

You can increase your success in life by improving how you set and manage deadlines. They can also give you a significant advantage in a world where many people ignore their importance. The best part though is it doesn’t take much effort to develop an approach to deadlines that works well.

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Three Life Lessons I Learned in Berlin

Travel is an amazingly effective way to learn and growth. The key to translating your travel experiences into life wisdom is to spend a little time reflecting. I recently returned from a trip to Berlin, Germany and learned several life lessons you can apply to your next trip.

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Three Classic Examples Show the Dangers of Hiring Externally - JC Penney, HP, and Russell Corp

Hiring an Outside Leader is a Risky Bet. Just Look at JC Penney, HP, and Russell Corp

Hiring externally is never a simple solution to an organization's problems. It's more dependable and cost-effective to develop your own transformational leaders and use them to fill senior positions. They will cost you less and are often better prepared than an outsider. If you already promote from within, support them so you do not have to hire from the outside down the road. If you normally default to hiring externally, try these five strategies to develop your internal talent.

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