The Easy Way to Get Your Employees to Collaborate

The Magic and Simplicity of Collaboration

Leaders often spend their time trying to get their team to work together. Forcing them to collaborate is rarely very effective and only works temporarily. Instead, encourage them to proactively work together with a 'workplace exchange' of activities; and watch their productivity and morale take off.

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You Can Spare 15 Minutes a Day For the Habit That Will Make Your Team More Productive

This Counterintuitive Work Strategy Boosts Productivity Over 20%

Leaders can quickly increase their team's productivity by introducing a new habit to help them work more effectively. This seems counterintuitive, but if you and your team stop working 15-minutes before you walk out the office door or log off your computer and reflect on what you learned, you can boost productivity over 20 percent.

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How to Never Waste Money Again on Employee Retention

How to Stop Wasting Money on Employee Retention

When you lose one of the best people on your team, it can damage your team's productivity, and it often means more work for you. It's even worse when you aren't equipped with the budget to retain them. The good news today is that some of the easiest and best ways to keep your best team members doesn't involve throwing money at the problem.

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The Michelangelo Method of Writing a Job Description

What Michelangelo Can Teach You About Work

Job descriptions are often written according to the needs of the team, the boss, and the organization. What if you had an opportunity to write your own job description that’s beneficial for you as well as your organization? Let’s get some inspiration from history and learn about the Michelangelo method of transforming your job description.

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A Simple Plan to Reduce Employee Turnover in 6 Months (or Less)

3 Steps to Reduce Employee Turnover in 6 Months (or Less)

High employee turnover can be catastrophic for the CEO and their entire organization. So if you've got 6 months to reduce employee turnover with a limited budget, how do you approach it? That's where my recent interview with JF (Jean-François) Goldstyn, Chief Learning Officer at SQS Software Quality Systems, comes in.

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