Belle Frank

Leaders, who are successful forever, are _____.  Charismatic? Intelligent? Motivational to their team? None of these.

I host Chief Strategy Officer of VMLY&R, Belle Frank, who shares her terrific leadership success secret from over 40 years as a leader with the same company.

VMLY&R is a global brand and customer experience agency over 12,000 employees and is part of the public company WPP.

She now drives strategy across healthcare clients with a focus on the Pfizer COVID-19 campaign. Belle is known as an expert strategist, committed to understanding people’s real needs.

Born and raised in Queens, NY. Belle joined Y&R in the late 70s and has had many different journeys as the firm has morphed and now merged, making her a 40-year veteran of 4 year-old  VMLY&R and a mentor to many.  

She is also author of “The Advertising On Ram:p Tips on How to Get Your First Advertising Job". 

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  • Belle’s three success secrets for working (and staying engaged) and at a company for 40 years.
  • “Boss picking” as a job promotion accelerator.
  • How you can always know if a boss is good.
  • How to turn around a job where you’re not being supported.
  • A strategy that keeps your top-performers from quitting.
  • What she learned writing a book as an executive.
  • Negotiating with your company to support your book.


The Advertising On-Ramp by Belle Frank


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