Better to Quit or Get Fired?


Better to Quit or Get FiredIs it better to quit or get fired?

If you haven’t thought this through then this show is for you.

It’s an extremely important question to consider, and if you’ve never thought about it in depth for your own career then you’re missing out.

When you’ve thought this through it actually changes how you approach your work day, and it generates:

  1. Confidence
  2. Leverage
  3. Control

Awhile back my article,  “Why You’d Love to Get Fired“.  really stirred up a reaction.

Some were inspired by it,  and some thought it was crazy.

But based on the reaction, the Getting Fired dialogue deserves more discussion.

It’s just not something that’s discussed at the office or around the dinner table.

It’s usually reserved for llate nights with your friend at the local pub or behind closed doors with your spouse.

Well not anymore…

It’s time to bring this out into the light of day and get the real conversation going.

I’m tackling it for you head on in this edition of the Weekly Spark.

In 13 minutes, I unpack for you:

  • Why quitting makes you feel like John Wayne
  • The most awesome parts of getting fired
  • The benefits of getting fired and quitting
  • Which is better over the short run and the long run?
  • What each feels like (Shock and Awe versus Escape of Alcatraz)
  • Why you’ll probably do your best work afterwards
  • How to decide which is better for you

Just press the podcast button at the top and listen.


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