What Happens When the Coffee Maker Catches Fire

It was Sunday night. And we had a disastrous incident in our house. The coffee pot was left on the stove top. Then the stove top was accidentally turned on and the coffee pot melted. The burning coffee pot spewed smoke everywhere and left a charred residue and stench through the house. Fortunately the house…

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Severe Stage Fright Leads to Career Inspiration

  It seemed nearly impossible for me to overcome the fear. It covered me like a blanket. I was standing in the green room at the back of the theater waiting to go on stage. There had been a knot in my stomach and butterflies the size of vulture swarming uncomfortably in my belly. Not…

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Why You Should Reconsider Your Career Plan

  Your career plan can be a trap If you’re like a like most people I talk to in business you probably already have a career plan or believe you “should” have one by now. Career plans are a huge investment of time and resources. Companies and individuals alike spend an absolute fortune on career…

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