The One Tiny Action That Increases Your Effectiveness by 42%

How to be More Effective at Work

Did you know there is one tiny action you can take to be more effective at work? It could even make you 42% more effective at work. I share the one tiny action that increases your effectiveness in my video.

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The Terrible Costs of Keeping A To-Do List in Your Head

The Terrible Cost of Keeping Your To-Do Checklist in Your Head

Do you keep your weekly to-do list in your head? Do you find things get missed as result? In this short video I share the costs of keeping your weekly to-do list in your head and the strategies to reduce them.

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The Four Fatal Flaws of Your To-Do List

The Four Fatal Flaws of Your To-Do Checklist

When you look at your to-do checklist, do you find a long list of to do’s but never seem to get anywhere? In this short video I share four fatal flaws in your to-do checklist and also the tips to fix it.

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How to Eliminate Your Causes of Procrastination

Causes of Procrastination

What causes you to procrastinate? I share 3 causes of procrastination in this quick video along with steps on how to stop them.

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The One Step Solution For Procrastination

How To Stop Procrastinating

When you procrastinate your gotta do work, you procrastinate your success. Would you like to learn how to stop procrastinating? In this video, I share the one step solution for procrastination.

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The One Essential Tool for Every Procrastinator

How to Not Procrastinate

Do you have a list of projects that you never seem to get around to? Would you like to learn how to not procrastinate? In this video, I share how I stopped procrastinating by using one simple tool.

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Your First Step to Do the Impossible

How To Take Time Off

I grew up thinking that taking an extended vacation was a fantasy or maybe even a little bit lazy. They were for someone else…but not for me. After all, Americans only take half their paid vacation.

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How Procrastination Highlights Your Most Important Work

Why Do We Procrastinate?

Have you ever wondered why you procrastinate on important projects in your life? I share some personal stories and tips in this short video to help you get them done.

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How to Have Your Most Productive Monday Ever

How to Have Your Most Productive Monday Ever

Years ago I worked for the largest sporting goods retailer in the US. When I’d arrive at work on a Monday I start the day by reviewing my email… then I’d respond based on whatever was there. I always felt out of control and like I spent my day running from one fire to the next. Then one Monday something happened that lead my most productive day ever…

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How to Turn It Off After Work so You can Turn it On Tomorrow

How to Turn It Off After Work

How do you unwind at the end of your day and go from “on” to “off” mode? Or, maybe you often ignore this process all together like me? My struggle is like this…

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