How to Turn-It On When You Really Need It

Turn it on ritual

How do you get your work day started? Do you use the same habitual, monotonous, tedious routine? Or, do you get it started in a way that gets you focused, energized, and puts a huge dose of momentum into your work day? This difference showed up for me in an unusual place…dropping my daughter off at school.

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Productivity’s Greatest Power Tool

Productivity's Greatest Power Tool

My boss turned to me and said…”Fanning, we need closure!” In anger, he drove home to me and everyone else on the team were getting a reputation for letting our projects drag on beyond the deadline to a tune of $22,000 per day. It was so bad that other parts of the organization were padding our deadlines for us…

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How to Make Your Work Easier

How to Make Your Work Easier

Having dedicated times to both plan and do increases your personal productivity and effectiveness. Try this metaphor for the builder and the architect.

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One Strategy to Work Smarter NOT Harder

Work Smarter Not Harder

Identify and utilize your peak hours so they work for you…instead of squandering them and trying to fit in your most important work later.

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Three Steps to Create a To-Do List that Actually Works

A To-Do List That Works

Apply three, easy steps to your to-do list, and you’ll see how much more effective you can be…

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The One Process To Alleviate Your Everyday Stress

alleviate your stress

One process that will decrease your stress, stop the running thoughts, help you sleep better, and even stay more organized. It liberates your mental capacity.

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Your Most Important Action to Close Out the Year

how to reflect

I invite you to take one powerful action with me this week to close out the year that will set yourself up for more success and build positive momentum…

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From Too Scared to Blog to Bestseller

Blog to Bestseller

You may have seen recently that The Quit Alternative is #1 bestseller! When I launched this book I wasn’t sure a bestseller was even possible, but I think it goes to show that people are interested in renovating their current job into their dream job.  I’m looking forward to continuing to support that mission. However,…

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How to Become a Relationship Building Machine (900 employees in 9 Days)

Ben Fanning Keynote presentation

A highlight for me recently was presenting to 900 employees over nine days at five different organizations. The groups were open, energized, and lots of fun. These kinds of events are a priority because, for me, it’s the very definition of an inspired work activity (aka the work that doesn’t feel like ‘work’). You may have a sense of what you’re own inspired work activities are too. And once you’ve figured this out, you may face the overwhelming question…”How do I get more of the work I love?”

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How to Defeat 10 Years of Job Frustration in a Day

personal goals

I can remember sharing my job frustration with my friends and family like this: “There’s got to be more to work than just finding ways to make a t-shirt cheaper.” You see the department goal was to save money, build efficiency, and ultimately deliver shareholder value. I’d bought into that so deeply that I confused the goals and priorities of the company with my own personal mission. But, I never considered…

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