Bob Armour

Beating the dominant competitor isn’t easy.

It can feel impossible to change your customers’ hearts and minds when they’re entrenched deeply with a “big brand”, even when they’re getting inferior service.

Well get inspired by this leadership insight from Bob Armour, Chief Marketing Officer at M1: The Finance Super app. They are taking on the big brands of the financial industry.

He shares the key trait he instills in every employee so they continue to persevere, achieve explosive growth, and turn their smaller size into a compelling advantage.

You can leverage this with your team to shape to boost effectiveness, impact, and morale.

M1 helps people manage and grow their wealth with Investing, Saving, Borrowing, and Spending all in one place. Over half a million people trust M1 with more than $7.2 billion in assets.

He received his undergraduate degree at Notre Dame and his MBA from Northwestern.

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  • His first job that led to an unexpected leadership insight.
  • Two hacks - Greek yogurt and 80’s one-hit wonders.
  • The one trait he’d like to instill in every employee.
  • Why becoming an insurgent company is a competitive advantage.
  • Three surprising trends in the world of personal finance.
  • What he learned in American Samoa.
  • Three success strategies for every leader.


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