Bob Nardelli

Legendary CEO Home Depot, GE Power System, and Chrysler, Bob Nardelli says there's one skill every leader needs to succeed.

Discover the one thing he’s sought to foster in himself in his 53-year career and also instill in this team. Once you develop it, you can accelerate your results in any company and any industry.

Bob Nardelli is widely recognized as one of the best operating executives in the world with 52 years of experience leading major public corporations and private equity groups.

During his nearly 30-year tenure at the General Electric Co (GE), he quadrupled operating profits for GE Power Systems from $5B to $20B. As the Chairman and CEO, he then doubled the size of The Home Depot from $45B to $91B and helped save Chrysler Corp during the financial institution meltdown.

His new firm, XLR-8, LLC, Investment & Advisory Co., helps companies identify weaknesses and improve performance and clients includes a number of Fortune 500 companies and privately held businesses

Due to his support and commitment to veterans he’s received the US Secretary of Defense Freedom Award twice.

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  • The greatest compliment Jack Welch ever paid him.
  • The leadership skill behind his success as CEO at 3 iconic companies.
  • Unveiling the key to opening 1000 Home Depot stores (one every 48 hours).
  • The secret to staying sharp at 75 while traveling 200 days a year.
  • Bob's tip for accelerated learning in a new CEO role.
  • The trust-building hack he used with his team.
  • The inverted triangle of accountability.
  • Lessons learned from negotiating with one of the largest unions in the world.
  • Rescuing Chrysler from financial meltdown.
  • How to make a gut-wrenching decision.
  • The Aha moment during a 6-Hour testimony in front of Congress.
  • How "lateral promotions" became his key to advancement.
  • Strategic vs. tactical: When to dive into the details.
  • The story behind hiring 35,000 veterans at Home Depot.


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