Brian Simons

Episode 9: Brian Simons

Brian Simons is CEO at Janus Logistics Technologies, which was born from a real world need to enhance Service Parts Logistics (SPL). Janus is a venture-backed technology and logistics company that is radically transforming the warehousing, forward stocking, forecasting/planning, and distribution/delivery for service supply chains globally.

His company, provides solutions for global clients spanning a range of markets including high tech, chemicals/hazardous goods, aerospace, and industrial goods

Previously, Brian served as COO and Executive Vice President at CIOX Health; and had senior level positions at Universal Health Systems, NCR, Honeywell, and United Technologies.

MBA and Bachelors from Arizona State with a PhD from the University of Lancaster.

He also serves as an adjunct professor at The University of Minnesota.His upper-division management course brings together key elements from practical experience (on the job), theoretical study (in the classroom) to broaden students’ understanding of management as a profession.

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  • What happened when Brian surprised me with a trip to the US Open Final.
  • How playing sports (for Brian it was quarterback in high school and college) prepared him for the C-Suite.
  • What you need to do to persuade your organization to support your graduate education.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a Phd on your path to the C-Suite.
  • What questions should you ask when considering pursuing your MBA or PhD.
  • What to consider when you’re thinking about leaving corporate life to start your own company.
  • The mystical skill of pitching your ideas to the C-Suite.
  • How to pursue an ambitious career path.
  • How to help your employees who seem burned out.
  • Brian’s difficult story of the first employee he had to fire…it was his friend.


“How you value failure is correlated to how much success you achieve.”

“Two things that drive success in your career 1.) Self Awareness 2.) Delivering Results”


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