Your career plan can be a trap

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If you’re like a like most people I talk to in business you probably already have a career plan or believe you “should” have one by now.

Career plans are a huge investment of time and resources.

Companies and individuals alike spend an absolute fortune on career planning and so frequently they fail miserably.

You may think back to all the time you’ve invested in annual reviews and going through performance and “career pathing” employees only to see the same “issues”, turnover, and just general “lack-of-progress” year-after-year.

For a minute, consider dropping the career plan for yourself and your employees.

Time to start thinking differently.

Career Planning Obsession

I am convinced my obsession with planning started at a very young age when my family would wake me up on Saturday morning, and ask me what my plan was for the day.

Afterall, I had to have a plan right?  If I didn’t what would happen?…

You can’t just wake-up on Saturday without a plan.  You can’t just head off to college without a plan.

My own planning obsession continued into high school with high school guidance counselors and then into college with job counselors.

You’ve got to have a plan or life will pass you by including money, success, passion, love, and most definitely decent football tickets.

Eventually, I grew frustrated.

The career plan didn’t seem to be working.  Frankly, I had no idea if it was or wasn’t.

Since I couldn’t tell, I assume that means my plan was failing.  Yikes!

Your Career Magic Bullet

So when the career plan fails, what will fall back on?

I found something much bigger and much better to work on…

A Career Mission.

Missions survive when plans fail, and plans almost always fail.

For me the key difference in a mission and a plan is this:

The career mission is the biggest thing to be accomplished in your career.

Really it’s one big overarching thing like happiness, satisfaction, wealth, fun, etc…

The career plan is just “how” you get there.

The mission is something that is overlooked frequently is career preparation.

What always is surprising is how much time you spend on the how in the office and so rarely on the what (mission).

The best part I find is when you know your career mission, it taps into something deeper.

When you know the career mission the plan starts to take care of itself.

It draws energy from a different place like “care”.

For the sake of what do have you have a career anyway?

When your career takes the direction from what you actually care about which supercharges everything.

Note that my article in on a career mission of helping others think about their own career mission.

Without realizing the mission, its very unlikely I would have woken up at 5 am thing morning to right this.

Here are the top 5 benefits you get from defining your career mission:

  1. Energy – When you are tapped into mission, you find energy you never knew was available.  You likely find yourself jumping out of bed at 5 am to get rolling.
  2. Direction – You know which way to go in your career when you attach it to mission.  It gives meaning and your own wind blows you where you need to go.
  3. Insight – Openings appear and things become more obvious. Easier. Simpler.
  4. Strength – You can break through barriers that are in your way. You take things head on and sometimes obstacles just evaporate.
  5. Clarity – Clear-headed thinking prevails and you see things at work much more clearly and navigate the corporate waters much more easily.

So why wait?

Time to identify what your career mission is and get going.

To schedule a 20-minute chat on your career mission and get a 3-step plan to developing it click here.

To Igniting Your Career!