Cathy Wolfe

How can leaders best encourage curiosity in their teams? It's an important question to consider because when your team is naturally more curious they dig deeper into problems and persist through challenges.

Teams that are more curious deliver better results. It's the foundation of all learning and innovation, and if you want your team to be more creative and productive, then you need to start fostering a culture of curiosity.

Unfortunately, teams too often get lost in "getting things done" and forget to ask important questions!

In my interview with Cathy Wolfe, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Global Growth Markets (GGM) at Wolters Kluwer, you'll discover three strategies to do that just that.

She leads the team by creating a culture of curiosity and specifically growing their company in China, India, and Brazil… the three most populous countries in the world.

Wolters Kluwer is a global leader in information services and solutions for professionals in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance and legal sectors.

They serve customers in over 180 countries, maintains operations in over 40 countries and employs 18,600 people worldwide.

Cathy has held key leadership positions in the U.S. and the U.K., with a track record of delivering strong results and innovation, working across multiple segments of the company’s global portfolio including Health (learning, research & practice, clinical  software); Tax (practice management, audit solutions); Legal and Finance (practice management,  commercial credit information).

She earned her MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and a BA degree in English from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

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What you should do if you feel stuck or “pigeonholed” at work.

The conversation every employee should have with their boss… and their boss’ boss.

What Cathy discovered in her international travels, and how it expanded her leadership skills.

Why she’d like to instill more curiosity in every employee.

An essential strategy to foster a culture of curiosity in your team.

A helpful key for building your network.

A powerful strategy for communicating your idea to the C-Suite.

How to accelerate your professional growth.

How being open to an unexpected opportunity led to an incredible life experience.


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