How to Eliminate Your Causes of Procrastination

Causes of Procrastination

What causes you to procrastinate? Learn the three causes of procrastination in this quick video along with steps on how to stop them.

When you procrastinate your biggest projects you procrastinate your success.

My tips are:

  • Identify your causes of procrastination so you can eliminate them and get more done (I share the top 3 in my video)
  • Beware of things on your list that are too abstract like the terms “research” and turn it into a concrete action like ‘Google productivity tips’. This gives clarity to your next step.
  • If you have things to do that you’ve never done before think about how can you take the next small step and mitigate the risk.

What’s the impact of procrastination for you? What will you do differently now?  Please share in the comments below.