Cesar Carvalho

Unhealthy employees cost your team and company.

Five years of compelling research from Gympass shows that having a workforce with poor health habits can significantly impact your bottom line. It also reveals a significant opportunity for every team leader.

I host Cesar Carvalho, CEO and Co-Founder of Gympass, who shares the secrets behind this hidden drain on profits and an important strategy to turn things around by creating a healthier workplace culture.

Cesar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Universidade de São Paulo and attended Harvard Business School before founding Gympass. Following more than ten years of business management experience under his belt, including time working at CVC, McKinsey & Company and AC Nielsen.

Gympass is on a mission to make wellness universal for employees globally -- and it's happening at scale. The company boasts a network of over 50,000 wellness partners, 10,000+ clients, and just hit 250MM user check-ins. For context, it took Gympass nine years to hit 100MM… and just 1.5 years to hit 250MM, which underscores the exponential growth of workplace wellbeing for both employers and individuals.

Cesar has also won a number of awards in his role as CEO, such as 2022 EY’s Entrepreneurs of the Year. Recently, the company also won 2022 Inc. Best Workplaces.

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  • Why he dropped out of Harvard to pursue his business idea.
  • The big problem he faced that inspired his vision.
  • Gympass’s suprising research on wellness and employee retention (5 years, 12MM people!).
  • Why mixing wellness apps and gym memberships delivers cumulative results.
  • The role of artificial intelligence in the wellness industry.
  • How can leaders EFFECTIVELY bring well-being to their teams.
  • Should you take time off or work a flexible schedule?
  • A powerful wellness strategy that applies for companies of 1 to 100,000.


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