Charlene Mills

Lead Without Words.

Charlene Mills, MetLife’s Global Head of Compensation and Benefits, shares the powerful moment she learned the art of leading without words, using silence as a powerful tool to achieve remarkable results.

When you always resort to telling people what to do or thinking about your response instead of really listening, you risk losing the respect, trust, and success you could achieve otherwise.

Charlene’s held leadership roles in the military, consumer products, healthcare, and now in the insurance and financial services industry. Her extensive background has given her unique insights into effective leadership, and her message helps you become a better listener and a more effective leader.

MetLife is a Fortune 500 Company, one of the biggest and most well-known insurance and financial services organizations worldwide. She has also held senior leadership positions at Johnson and Johnson and Janssen, and she's a graduate of West Point.

Her journey to mastering silent leadership is sure to inspire and teach you valuable lessons in leadership.

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  • The Work Advice She Gives Her Kids
  • A Hack to Improve Work-Life Balance


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