Episode 6: Charles Brewer

Chief Operating Officer of Canada Post, Charles Brewer, leads all operational aspects of Canada Post’s business, including plants, delivery, engineering, network and real estate.

He is responsible for ensuring Canada Post maintains a highly efficient network and a safe operation that provides reliable, market-leading service to our customers and Canadians. He is tasked with taking Canada Post’s Operations forward and delivering on strategic goals through employee engagement and collaboration with our partners.

Charles is a global executive with more than 35 years of experience in the areas of post, parcel, international shipping and e-commerce, primarily with DHL. He has held senior leadership roles in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and the United States.

Charles holds an Advanced Logistics diploma from Cranfield University School of Management and completed the Advanced Senior Executive Management Program at Henley Business School, both in the United Kingdom.

Charles' LinkedIn Profile


  • Why the first few seconds you have with anyone are the most critical.
  • How Charles became the "Chief Energy Officer"...as inspired by Tony Schwartz.
  • How to use your Amazon Alexa to help motivate your team on Monday mornings.
  • What you can do to motivate yourself.
  • How leaders can establish the “drum beat” for the organization.
  • How Canada Post addresses the enormous size and scope of Canada Post. (60,000 employees)
  • Why being 9 years a head of plan can be a big challenge.
  • How Charles ended up in logistics completely by accident.
  • The big career benefits of working “horizontally” first before moving “vertically”.
  • A strategy to help you move up quickly.
  • The important difference between the career ladder vs the career rock wall.
  • How to stand out in your career.
  • The one strategy that significantly increases the probably of landing a higher level role.
  • How to use LinkedIn to brand yourself and accelerate your career.
  • The 3 big reasons every leader should become active on LinkedIn.
  • Charles’ LinkedIn “aha" moment in Alaska.
  • The sad indictment of leadership when employees don’t speak up.
  • What key leadership communication he sends out to the entire organization every Friday.
  • How opening up communication led to a front-line employee helped solve the company dog-bite problem.
  • The one trait Charles would instill in every employee. It's not what you expect.
  • Why you should amplify your strengths instead of focusing on developing what you’re not so good at. 
  • How to handle employees who are in the burnout zone.
  • Two failures Charles had early on that led to success later in his career.
  • How to use mindfulness as a C-Suite Leader.
  • The success advice he’s followed ever since his first job interview…it involved a Frankie Goes to Hollywood T-shirt and a George Michael earring.

"Every interaction is a chance to create “shining eyes.”
"Identify the 6 people who would have the greatest influence on getting the position you’d like."
“Find ways to stand out!"
"Sometimes we underestimate how the smallest moments can make the biggest impact."

Tony Schwartz Harvard Business Review - The CEO is the Chief Energy Officer

The Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz


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