Chris Abbass

Make giving and receiving feedback a leadership habit. Helpful feedback develops talent, improves communication, and increases performance. Yet, most leaders rarely give it or take the time to request it.

Leaders often have years of valuable experience and wisdom to share, but it’s NEVER passed on to the rest of the organization. You can unlock this “goldmine” by working with your leaders and their team to make feedback a habit instead of a once per year event (see annual reviews).

I host Chris Abbass, CEO and Co-founder of Talentful, on the show where he shares a powerful strategy for making feedback a productive habit throughout your organization.

His company provides subscription based recruiting solutions to some of the world’s most ambitious tech companies. He’s previously worked with companies like Audible and Shazam.

Chris Abbass has more than a decade of expertise in leadership and recruitment for game-changing technology companies.

Chris is from the UK, moved to San Francisco in 2020, and now resides in New York City.

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  • His 15 word Linkedin viral post that stirred a global debate (over 80,000 likes).
  • A tip for professionals who’d like to expand their thought leadership.
  • How his company is inventing the future of recruiting.
  • How he went from “failed rock star” to store clerk to Co-Founder and CEO of a thriving company.
  • The leadership edge he discovered from music.
  • His list of the top drummers.
  • Why leadership training is CRITICAL for new leaders.
  • The big mistake he sees companies making.
  • The one trait he’d instill in every employee… that’s never been mentioned on the show before!
  • The brutal cost of turnover and a strategy to avoid it.
  • A surprising success strategy for all employees.


"Have hard conversations quickly."

"Consistency wins!"

"Look at the data."



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