Chris Brogan

Your next email should be a “love letter”.

My friend and NYT bestselling author, Chris Brogan, explains how this simple mindset shift is the pathway to more effective and successful communication for leaders and even broader organizations.

It changes everything.

There’s a catastrophic communication breakdown between companies and customers; and equally bosses and employees.

It’s getting worse with AI.

The world needs more human, heart-powered communication and leaders that step up and adopt this perspective and skill will endure.

In this jam-packed interview he shares the secrets he’s learned since becoming one of the world’s top bloggers (since 1980 and also writing a weekly newsletter that’s at the core of much of his success).

Every leader should hear this interview because it will teach you to be more human and genuine in your communication. This helps you build trust at deeper levels and builds a strong workforce.

Here’s a bit more of Chris’s street cred;

New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 10 books and counting and professional public speaker with over 1000 speeches delivered across 14 countries.

Appfire where he’s Chief of Staff to the CEO.

Host of the Backpack Show, - the LIVE video TV show.

CEO of his own company (Owner Media).

One the top bloggers in the world (He’s been at it since 1998).

Wrote the Foreword to my book, The QUIT Alternative: The Blueprint for Creating the Job You Love…WITHOUT Quitting.

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  • The power of writing a personal newsletter every week.
  • A personal example of what happens when you communicate from the heart.
  • The mindset that makes your communication powerful every time.
  • The question you should ask before sending a communication.
  • What big organizations need to learn from small businesses.
  • “Scaling Intimacy” - Bringing authenticity to your leadership in a bigger way.
  • His world-renowned “3 Words” Exercise that’s used by many successful leaders.
  • Why you shouldn’t run your team “like a family”.
  • Why leadership is options management.


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