The Quit Alternative®

the Step-by-Step Course to Turn Your Current Job into Your DREAM Job

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If You've Ever Fantasized about Quitting....

There's an Empowering Alternative

Creating the job you love is an exhilarating and invigorating way to live. It calls upon your personal strengths and taps into your internal motivation.

It’s a job and a way of life created on the foundation of the authentic you. You will feel more alive than ever before.

Sounding good? Read on...


An Engaging Course that Puts You in Control of Your Own Destiny

Long-term success doesn’t necessarily come from winning that promotion, acing the interview, networking with the right people, or even being in the right place at the right time.

Success more reliably comes from engaging with the full potential of your current job, marshaling the resources around you, and seizing the opportunities that are there for the taking.

I'll show you how.

What's Included in The Quit Alternative®

  • FULL Gold Level Access

    Full Access to all 13 Modules of the QUIT Alternative to help you gain clarity and focus for your next step.  Total Value $498.


  • Comprehensive Resources to View at Your Convenience

    Downloadable resources to take with you anywhere and view on your schedule.  It includes presentation slides, video downloads, MP3 files, and templates.  Total Value $377.

  • LIVE Support

    A one-on-one strategy call with just you and I. You bring your greatest challenge and walk away with a 3-step action plan.  Plus, you receive ongoing email support to answer any further questions you have.  Total Value $500.

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Master the "Real Work" of Your Career

This course guides you through, starting with your current job with all its imperfections and challenges, and turning these into opportunities to bring out your personal best.

We'll work together to “create the job you love” and make your job something worth fully investing yourself in.

You'll become more engaged, perform with maximum impact, and play every day in the "sweet spot" of your capabilities....all while keeping your 401k, insurance, and seniority.

Instead of fantasizing about quitting your job...

We're going to invest your time and energy and creating your dream job right where you are.

Here’s an overview of the Quit Alternative.

Each module covers one step and includes practical strategies to create the job you love within your current work day.

Quit Alternative® Course Contents & Modules:

Module - 0

Quick Start - Not Your HR's Orientation

More info...
  1. How this is more inspiring than typical training at the office
  2. The easy, 3-step process to maximize your results
  3. Three simple principles for creating the job you love
  4. Your inspiring CTJYL road map

Module 1

The One Word that Ignites Your Career

More info...
  1. What burnout teaches you about your career
  2. The one word that ignites your career
  3. Three mindset shifts to empower your work day
  4. The mission

Module 2

The Grass is Always Greener (on top of the septic tank)

More info...
  1. Why the grass is always greener on top of the septic tank
  2. The empowering alternative to the "stay or leave" question
  3. How to break through the two limiting beliefs

Module 3

How to Feel Successful Every Day by 5PM

More info...
  1. How to define success on your own terms
  2. Expanding your success in the 5 success domains
  3. How to choose success every day

Module 4

How to Keep Going When You're Burning the Candle at Both Ends

More info...
  1. The 1 question that always motivates
  2. How to get twice the work done with half the effort
  3. How to tweak the job you have, so it's easier and more enjoyable

Module 5

Discover the Work that Makes You Want to Show-up Early

More info...
  1. The key to getting more soul filling work
  2. One formula to help you finish your work day with more motivation
  3. How to turn soul sucking work into soul filling work

    Module 6

    Why the Worse Things Get, the Bigger Your Opportunity

    More info...
    1. The formula for creating the job you love
    2. The bigger the problem, the greater your opportunity
    3. 3 steps to discover opportunity in a crisis
    4. Calculating your power number that makes CTJYL easier

    Module 7

    The Easy Way to Rewrite Your Job Description...and sell it to your boss

    More info...
    1. The "Michelangelo Method" for transforming your job description
    2. Why rewriting your job description is so powerful
    3. 3 steps to write your ideal job description in less than 20 minutes
    4. How to make an offer your boss can't refuse

    Module 8

    How to Campaign for the Work You Love

    More info...
    1. Why "Campaigning" for the work you love is crucial for your success
    2. The one common work day mistake you MUST avoid
    3. Five simple techniques to campaign for the work you love

    Module 9

    How You can Create the Job You Love with ZERO Experience

    More info...
    1. Why not having experience can be an advantage
    2. The one thing that's always more valuable than work experience
    3. Three steps to get experience...NOW
    4. 10 quick ways to build your reputation and become the expert

    Module 10

    Win Trifecta:  Getting the Win for You, Your Boss, and the Organization

    Bonus Resource #1 - The One-Page Negotiation Plan...the planner that helps you easily clarify what you want...and how to ask for it

    Bonus Resource #2 - The Give-Get Cheat Sheet...a tool to help you weigh the trade-offs

    More info...
    1. What the heck is a Win Trifecta?
    2. How to plan a successful negotiation in 25 minutes or less (the One-Page Negotiation Plan)
    3. Where you must give in order to receive (The Give-Get Cheat Sheet)

    Module 11

    Simple Shortcuts to Get More Done with Less Effort

    Bonus Resource #3 - The Effective Email Checklist...a powerful way to make sure your emails are high impact and always get answered

    More info...
    1. Why marketing to your boss and coworkers is ESSENTIAL to your survival
    2. The one question that always make your job easier
    3. The fast way to write an email that gets results
    4. Download the "Effective Email Checklist"

    Module 12

    The Surefire Way to Talk to Your Boss about Creating the Job You Love

    Bonus Resource #4 - Five Questions You MUST Ask before You Approach Your Boss

    Bonus Resource #5 - The List of "High Impact Words"  to Use so Your Boss Gets It

    Bonus Resource #6 - The Checklist for a Successful Conversation with Your Boss

    More info...
    1. The five questions you must answer before you approach your boss
    2. High impact words that help you speak your boss' language
    3. The essential checklist for a successful conversation with your boss

      Module 13

      Graduation!  Go Create the Job You Love…and Inspire Others in the Process

      More info...
      1. How to inspire your coworkers and make your office an even better place to work
      2. Three ways to CELEBRATE the completion of your training
      3. Taking your clear next step

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      You can start from wherever you are right now in your career.

      If you’re like most people I meet, at some point along the way you’ll find your day crammed full of work you’re required to do but don’t enjoy. Frustration follows, then resentment. If it continues too long you may disengage, maybe begin looking for a new job or fantasizing about “passive income.”

      Maybe you’re feeling that you’ve grown as much as you can in your current position, and you’re not sure what to do next.

      Maybe you have an inkling of what you like most about your current job, but you’re not sure how this translates into your next step within your company.

      Perhaps you’re feeling a little discouraged with how your career is turning out, and you feel powerless to control your own destiny at work.

      Or you could be feeling that no matter what you do, it won’t work out.

      If any of these scenarios apply, don’t worry.  You've come to the right place!

      Meet Your Instructor

      From Burnout to Inspired Speaker

      Ben Fanning works on the front lines every day just like you.  He burned out, was ready to quit his job, then discovered the path he shares in this course, The Quit Alternative.  He transformed his frustrating job and now spreads his positive message to employees around the globe.

      #1 Bestselling Author

      Ben is #1 bestselling author of the, “The QUIT Alternative: The Blueprint for Creating the Job You Love...WITHOUT Quitting”. The bestselling book has been featured in Forbes and distributed in over 39 countries.

      INC. Magazine Columnist and Certified Coach

      Ben is a leading INC. Magazine leadership columnist and holds a Master’s Degree from Georgia Tech and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama. He is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation with an additional coaching certification from Newfield Network.

      Real Results from Real Professionals Creating the Job They Love

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      • q-iconWhy should I enroll now?

        The enrollment fee is currently discounted. If you wait to enroll, you will pay higher enrollment fee.

      • q-iconDo I have to be a certain level in my organization?

        The principles you’ll learn apply to everyone, no matter your position or work experience. You’ll become empowered, whether you’re the mail clerk, CEO, or fall somewhere in between.

      • q-iconIs this another ho-hum training course?

        You’ll learn a new and inspiring perspective through unforgettably entertaining stories. Stick with me, and you’ll discover helpful principles that will make you the talk of the water cooler.

      • q-iconWhat if I don’t have enough time?

        The course is designed for those who are on a tight schedule.  You can watch, read, or listen to the modules on demand when it works for you.

      • q-iconDo I have to complete all the modules to benefit?

        No. The modules flow together. but they also stand alone. You can skip around and start with the ones that interest you most and still get tremendous value.

      • q-iconDo I receive any one-on-one mentoring directly from Ben?

        Yes. When you enroll you receive a one-on-one session with Ben that you can use when you are ready.  You will also receive email support from Ben throughout the course.

      • q-iconCan I get my money back if this doesn’t work for me?

        Yes. If this course doesn’t help create the job you love, then I’ll be happy to refund your money in full.

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      If this course, doesn't help create the job you love,

      then I'll be happy to refund your money in full.

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      Ben Fanning, Chief Engagement Officer, BF Coaching LLC