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Current Lighting blends LED with digital networks to make commercial buildings and industrial facilities more energy efficient and productive.

At Current, inspiration flows both ways. In providing the lighting and controls solutions that help create beautiful, functional and safe environments, they're inspired by the people who live, work and play in those spaces. With the convergence of two iconic leaders (GE Current - a Daintree Company and the C & I Division of Hubbell Lighting) who each bring rich histories and deep talent, Current is uniquely positioned to help customers solve complex challenges and see results. Only Current can provide reliable performance, responsive service, and the uncompromising quality you expect from an industry leader every time, always.

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Ideas are the lifeblood of any business, but how often do you get them from your team? Your team knows the ins and outs of your business and likely has great ideas, but do they feel comfortable sharing them with you? Leaders should create an atmosphere where everyone feels they can contribute and work together. This results in strong employee buy-in as well as continued innovation.

I host Courtney Abraham, Chief Human Resource Officer at Current Lighting, where she shares her techniques on fostering idea sharing within her organization.

Courtney has 25 years of experience beginning on the revenue producing side of businesses then made a hard right turn into HR with experience at GE, AML RightSource, Adecco Group, and Southeastern Grocers.

She’s lived all over the US and had an expat assignment in Zurich, Switzerland.

Courtney's LinkedIn profile

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  • The benefit of becoming an “Experience Junky”.
  • An important leadership lesson she learned as an expat.
  • The one thing she did that helped her build trust with employees in 26 countries. 
  • Her first job as a Chocolatier, that influences her leadership today.
  • The strategy she uses to build trust and make her team comfortable with sharing their BIG ideas.
  • Challenge Culture.
  • A twist in her career that led to her growth.
  • A surprising tool that’s contributed to her success.
  • Why kindness always works in the workplace.


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