Dan Blanchard

Ever been on a CRUISE?? There’s a cruise line CEO leading a revolution.

Captain Dan Blanchard of UnCruise founded a unique cruise experience that’s inspired me and thousands around the world.

The cruise industry is dominated by three big players, and you’ll be motivated by Dan’s dynamic approach to business, group dynamics, and commitment to sustainability.

My family and I recently returned from a trip, and it was a transformative, unforgettable adventure for all of us.

As owner and CEO of UnCruise Adventures Small Ship Cruising, Dan leads a small ship adventure travel company that creates connection to nature, and sustainable travel.

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  • Dan’s inspiration to take on the Goliaths of the cruise industry.
  • What it was like growing up on a tugboat.
  • Designing “Cruise Ship Magic” on the back of a napkin.
  • Why the Alaskan Inside Passage is perfect for adventure travel.
  • “Glacial Facials’ and Ice Caves.
  • The one thing that helps him recruit GREAT employees.
  • 1,000 lb bear encounter: A hair-raising tale.
  • What it was like being adopted into the Tlingit tribe in Alaska.
  • His greatest leadership tip.
  • What saved the cruise industry during the Pandemic.
  • Why cruise lines work well for executive retreats.
  • Why he eliminated WiFi on his cruise ships.


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