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Episode 27: Founder of the School of Emotions, Dan Newby

E27: Dan Newby is Founder of the School of Emotions. He is a champion for Emotional Literacy, and Emotions-Centered Coaching, a methodology he developed. His passion is helping emotional literacy become common sense and making emotions a tool for daily use.

He previously served as CEO of Newfield Network Coach Training School in Boulder, Colorado.  He has authored four books on emotional literacy and its application to coaching.  Dan holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Drury University in the U.S. 

His coach training was with Newfield Network where he also studied Integral and Somatic Coaching. He is trained as a Clifton StrengthsFinder Coach through the Gallup Organization in London and holds a PCC Certification from ICF backed by more than 7000 hours of coaching.

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  • The funny experience of how Dan and I originally met.
  • How Dan’s upbringing across three continents informed his experience as a leader and coach.
  • The moment of desperation that led to Dan deepening his learning around emotions.
  • A helpful way to define "emotions" that delivers tangible results
  • Why emotional literacy is so important and the terrible cost of emotional ignorance.
  • The two big misunderstandings about emotions.
  • Advice for leaders who think their employees are “too emotional”.
  • How leaders can generate helpful emotions in their team.
  • Using the power of emotions to tackle COVID19 and tricky situations at the office.
  • The most common emotions in the workplace and what to do with them.
  • An exercise to harness the power of your own emotions.
  • The best way to kick start a conversation around emotional literacy at the office.
  • What happened when we put Dan on the Emotions “Hot Seat”.
  • The ultimate emotional distinction that helps you prioritize.
  • Music and exercise recommendations to shift your emotional state.


How the world changes once people become emotionally literate:

  • Other people start to make much more sense.
  • Enriches the world.


  • “Every emotion, I would claim, has a purpose.”
  • “Dignity is about me, how I take care of me.”
  • “You can only care for a certain number of things.”


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