thought leaders on job burnoutI built this blog to inspire.

And when I look at this list of thought leaders below, it inspires me.

They’ve given me hope and inspiration in some of my toughest days coping with burnout.

They’ve inspired my career and this very blog you’re reading today.

My burnout tip for you is…

Everyone needs inspiration, but it’s up to you (not the boss at the office) to find what does the trick for you.

I’m giving you notice in advance that a few of them might make you feel uncomfortable, and you might find them too “edgy”.

When you look up “edgy” in the dictionary, it’s an adjective that means you’re tense and nervous.

That’s not what I mean.

Each is edgy in that they are a little dangerous, different, and a bit of rebel.

Of course, the way they share things can make you feel a little tense and nervous.

They can shake you a bit, and make you feel a slight discomfort.

Often, edgy is good.

And edgy is helpful when you’re experiencing burnout.

Edgy helps you grow.

Edgy propels you to take action.

It did for me.

So I’m excited to share some people that have given me hope and inspiration along the way back from burnout

They get that burnout is real, and they understand the dangers.

In fact, most of them have probably experienced burnout first hand.


Seth GodinSeth’s Blog

Dan Rockwell – Leadership Freak, Fatigue and Self Acceptance

  • Burnout Insight – “Your desire to please others may drive you to exhaustion. However, exhausted people-pleasers don’t please any one. Worst of all, in a world preaching self-acceptance, those living in persistent fatigue clearly reject themselves. They reject the limits of humanity. I suggest persistent fatigue reflects short-sighted, fear-based, self-rejection.”
  • Key Ignition Tip – “accept who you are. Freely embrace the limitations of your humanity. “No Limits,” at best, is a good marketing slogan. Don’t believe it.”

Leo BabautaZen Habits

  • Burnout Insight – “When you’re tired, not much seems appealing. Life is dulled, and you don’t get much accomplished. Worst, you don’t have the energy to change the situation….We have gotten good at ignoring our body’s signals — much of our lives is training our minds to pretend our bodies aren’t tired, so we can be more productive.”

Jonathan Fields –, Bubbles, Balls, and Burnout

  • Burnout Insight – “Ballsiness has its place. Testing has its place. But, so does creating the time and space needed to regroup, recover and discover.”

Scott Dinsmore – Live Your Legend, How Richard Branson Started Over 400 Companies: The most powerful productivity hack of all time

  • Burnout Insight – “Most problems, and especially those related to motivation, come from inside ourselves – From our physical body and how much we do or do not respect it.”
  • Ignition Tip – Pick your activity. Brainstorm a list of things you can do for a month (or more) using the following criteria: 1. It must be fun and exciting, 2. Can be done almost daily, and 3. It must be a stretch to accomplish. Remember, overcoming challenges is what builds confidence – that’s the point. A bonus would be that it teaches you a new skill. I listed some ideas below. Most gyms and workout classes have an introductory special that is a ridiculous deal. Even trying a new one of those each month works well. Plus, you may find your perfect activity in the process.”

Pam SlimOpen letter to CEOs, COOs, CIOs and CFOs across the corporate world

  • Burnout Insight – “It is not a badge of honor to work 18 hours a day, it is a sure path to a heart attack or divorce.  There are times when employees have to work around the clock to get critical projects done and that is part of doing business.  But if they are working long hours just because “everyone does,” you are creating a culture of waste, inefficiency and ill health.”
  • Ignition Tip – The only way to get the health and stress-relieving benefits of a vacation is to completely unplug from work.  As long as they are checking email each morning from the hotel lobby or fielding “urgent” calls in the evening, they might as well be in the office.  The worst thing is seeing their kid’s eyes as they observe once more that Dad or Mom values work more than family, even on vacation.”

Kris Dunn – The HR Capitalist, Stale at Work. Why are You Doing that Work Again?

  • Burnout Insight – “If you’re stale in your gig, you’ve got choices to make.  Every job has transactional/daily stuff that has to be done.  Then, the important moment comes.  You’ve got some choices to make about what can truly add value related to how you spend the rest of your time.”
  • Ignition Tip – “Want to get out of your rut at work?  Start doing two projects that you would put on your resume.  Odds are that’s going to help you reinvent yourself at work and extend your shelf life.”

Please share your own insight on burnout or someone that inspires you in the comments below.


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