Controversial Post: Death Gets You Promoted

We walked down the long, narrow hall to a dimly lit office.

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I felt nervous and unsettled.

My attorney said, “Let me know if you get out of here alive; you’ll be the first.”

So creepy, yet so true…

Don’t be alarmed.  We were at an office to complete our living wills.

In other words, to firm up what happens for my spouse and I if (or better said when) we we make the “ultimate transition”.

Squaring away things related to impending doom can be a massive “buzz kill”, but it really got me thinking.

Considering Death has Big Career Benefits

Seriously? Yes.

I’m not promoting an early exit for anyone, but just merely thinking about death can have huge benefits for your career.

You’ll find that by just considering the “death benefits”, you actually eliminate burnout.

Its adds an entirely different level to your work day and makes work more meaningful for all involved.

In fact, it might even be the career motivator you need.

When time is short at the office, your day at work becomes much more precious.

And when time grows precious, you start finding yourself having entirely different conversations with co-workers like discussing their families and why they even work in the first place.

How does working tie into what they want from life?

What and who are they taking care of when walk through the office door each morning?

These questions lead teams and companies to bigger results.

Don’t Let Fear of Death Hold You Back

Sometimes fear of death can be an obstacle to maximizing your career death benefits.

Ultimately your fear can propel you forward in your career.

You’ll find it helpful to question the fear around death and get all the underlying concerns on the table like:

  • Death is really going to hurt.
  • Death is bad and absolutely going to come way too soon.
  • Death is going to make me poor and put a permanent frowny face on my family and friends.
  • Death is an end and endings really suck.

All of these are valid concerns but try asking yourself, “How is thinking about death this way actually serving you?”

If it’s not, then here’s a new way to look at it that’s going to help.

The 5 ways to Reconsider Death and Inspire your Career

  1. Death Turns your Current Career into a Gift– Otherwise you’d have unlimited time and you’d just hang out in a career you hate until the “right” headhunter shows up or you win the lottery.
  2. Death Gets You Promoted –You’ll find yourself thinking more strategically with the bigger-picture in mind.  This approach typically leads to bigger roles within an organization.
  3. Death Squeezes More Enjoyment from your Current Job – You’ll find that you start enjoying your career roller coaster a lot more. This can lead to a happier and more peaceful disposition. You’ll find yourself going about your day with more intention and appreciating the job you’ve got.
  4. Death is Ultimate Problem Solver – You’ll find you think less about the small stuff that keeps your mind cluttered and spinning all day. This leaves more capacity and mental space to address the really big issues that are important.
  5. Death Keeps your Career Fresh – So when you know it’s going to end any way one day, you’re bolder and you take more interesting risks in your career. Taking risks keeps things fresh and propels your farther along faster.

The Big Juicy Question

With all these benefits to think about, I landed on one big question.

When you make the permanent exit, what kind of dent do you want to have made in the world?

It’s a question that will keep your career inspiration burning.

To Igniting your Career!