Decide What to Be and Go Be It (The Avett Brothers on Your Career)

Ever heard a song that gave you chills?

One minute you’re listening in pure enjoyment and then something so profound comes through the music that the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

That’s what happened to me recently when I attended an Avett Brothers concert.

I’d listened to their songs in the car and even at work; but when I heard them live and under the stars, the words connected in a much more powerful way.

I heard a special message through their lyrics that can inspire your career.

And I’m going to share it with you.

Who are The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are an amazing folk/bluegrass band from Concord, North Carolina.

Their last two albums have been really big, but before that they had a long line of albums that never made it.

Through the Avett Brothers own experiences with life and failure, comes tremendous wisdom that you can apply to your career.

They experienced failure time-and-time again, but just kept plugging.

Now they’ve got a music arsenal that’s passionate enough to give you goosebumps, bring you to tears, and lift your spirits from any work day funk.

Avett Brothers Quotes for Career Inspiration

I’m sharing the lyrics below that really resonated with me that day I heard them live.

It’s incredible how inspiring they can be for your career.

I’m also giving you the song and album name, so you can listen to them yourself.

The next time you’re in a work funk, pull out your Avett Brothers playlist and get inspired!

“If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected;

Decide what to be and go be it.”

Song: Head Full of Doubt/ Road Full Of Promise (you can hear it with an amazing video below); Album: I And Love And You

When you’re frustrated and at a crossroads in your career, it’s easy to get stuck with indecision.

It’s important to start taking action whether it be making a drastic change in your career or just simply starting to explore the possibilities.

The advice here is to make a decision and get going.

In the end, few decisions are really final.

And ultimately a decision, no matter how it goes down, is better than no decision at all.

“Something has me acting like someone I don’t wanna be”

Song: I’ll with Want; Album: The Avett Brothers

The only expectations in your career that really matter are your own.

It’s easy to get caught in the trap that you must adjust who you are to advance your career.

If you make yourself into someone you’re not just to get a win at the office, then you’re heading down a road that’s not sustainable over the long haul.

“If I live the life I’m given, I won’t be scared to die”

Song: The Carpenter: Album: The Carpenter

Yes, we’re getting deep now.

The Avett Brothers have a way of doing that.

When you discover your true passion and personal values, it’s much easier to have a career path you’re confident about.

It’s living and working on purpose and there’s really no substitute.

Your Next Step

For your next step, write down one of the lyrics above that resonates most for you.

Write it on a post-it note and download the song.

Put it in your car for your next Monday morning car commute.

Notice how it impacts your work day.

To Igniting Your Career!


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PPS: I discovered this stunning video that sets the Avett Brothers song “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” to thousands of slight alterations on a single painting.

I think you’ll really like it and get to experience this song in an entirely new way.  I couldn’t get it out of my head after I watched it.