Denise Dupré

Discover the Reason Why #1 Best Resort in the Caribbean and France Stays at the Top!

Get inspired by Denise Dupré, Founder and Managing Partner of Champagne Hospitality, who shares the one strategy she prioritizes to stay at the top of the resort and wine rankings.

She leads a hotel design and development company with award-winning properties in the Champagne and Burgundy regions of France, and in St. Barthelemy, in the Caribbean, and Couture Harvest, a portfolio of vineyards that are pioneering organic and biodynamic viticulture and innovative techniques like under sea aging, and experimental gold and titanium barrels, to produce award winning wines.

Condé Nast recognized the Royal Champagne as the Best Resort in France and has repeatedly named Le Barthélemy the Best Resort in the Caribbean, and both hotels have been ranked among the Best Resorts in the World.

She's shaped generations of industry leaders as an educator at the world’s leading hospitality schools including Cornell and Boston University, and in a graduate program at Harvard University.

She’s also a philanthropist dedicated to making a positive impact and pushing boundaries and improving education, sustainability, and more.

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  • Award-winning wines with sea aging and experimental gold and titanium barrels.
  • Her secret to achieving the Top Resort in France and the Caribbean.
  • What her first job picking up cigarette butts taught her about leadership.
  • How resorts will be different in the next 5 years.
  • The thing a smaller resort can do to beat out big chain resorts.
  • Using a “Glory Spiral” to motivate your team and handle disgruntled customers.
  • The moment her mettle was tested.
  • How she uses a failure to achieve success and enable others.
  • What she’s learning teaching at Harvard.
  • The “Make It Pop” leadership strategy.


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