Dismantling the Success Bomb (Podcast)

Success on your own terms

Let’s just say that feeling successful is pretty important particularly because it’s so closely linked to that thing in life that we know is mission critical…Happiness.

But for me it took a heavy dose of burnout, a ton of coaching, and lots of reflection to dismantle the weapon of mass destruction called “success”.

I used it as weapon against myself for years.

It kept me striving higher and higher but prevented me from reaching a place of contentment and peace of mind.

I’m sharing what I learned in a way that you can apply it to your work day with a straightforward 3 step structure.

If this quick podcast you’ll get:

  1. Why success is like a weapon we use against ourselves and others
  2. How to dismantle it
  3. Why success is like beauty…hint, hint
  4. How I used to define success for me…and why I massively “missed the boat”
  5. The 2 biggest mistakes people make about their own success
  6. 3 steps to defining success on your own terms

As usual, I’m not holding anything back here. Check it out and enjoy!

Yours in my and your own success!


PS: that closing is not a typo:)

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