Eric Watkins

Eric Watkins shares his inspiring story of how he went from an intern to President of Abstrakt Marketing Group in just eight years. You’ll discover the challenges he faced, the strategies he used, and the lessons he learned along the way. Find out how he hustled his way to the top and find inspiration for your own career journey.

Eric was awarded the Workforce Magazine’s Game Changer award, and in 2022 was honored as one of St. Louis's 100 Titans.

Abstrakt Marketing Group is based in St. Louis, MO and is a business growth agency serving over 1700 clients nationwide. They are a full-service lead generation company made up of 500+ employees, offering both inbound and outbound solutions for their client partners.

Eric is also Co-Host of The Grow Show, a podcast for business leaders and entrepreneurs with a growth-driven mindset. His weekly episodes share real stories and actionable insights from experienced leaders.

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  • The career advice that propelled him forward, thanks to his sister's wise words.
  • The daily action you can take to prevent burnout.
  • The secret to avoiding being stuck in your job and find your path to success.
  • Powerful strategies for finding a mentor and leveraging their wisdom.
  • How leaders can prevent "Tall Poppy" syndrome and encourage growth on their team.
  • The unexpected advantage of launching a business podcast.
  • His greatest failure and the lessons he learned along the way.
  • How to recreate your best workday and achieve peak performance every time.


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