Erik Dietz

Get this right and your top performers and customers won't leave. The easiest way to establish loyalty with employees and customers is also the most overlooked.

Gone are the days of the "all-business leader" who leaves all personal aspects at the door. Leaders make a much bigger impact when they humanize themselves with their teams. When leaders put their people first, it drives a culture of mutual respect and strong buy in which inevitably leads to better business outcomes.

I host Erik Dietz, COO of Michelin Mobility Intelligence and Roadbotics by Michelin, where he shares his story on how he chooses to lead with a people first approach and where his inspiration comes from.

Erik is a small business entrepreneur turned corporate intrapreneur.

He is passionate about leveraging Tech for Good, Safer and Equitable mobility and enjoys building international teams with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to leverage collective intelligence.

He has a Bachelor’s degree from University of California in Los Angeles and an MBA from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.

Erik's LinkedIn profile

Michelin's website


  • How leaders can use mentoring to set the team up for success.
  • What Erik does to build trust and respect with this team.
  • Why Michelin is growing into “mobility intelligence”.
  • How mobility intelligence is addressing roadway equity and safety.
  • The worst leadership advice he’s heard.
  • The inspiring vision he uses to motivate his team.
  • His biggest sources of inspiration and how it impacts his leadership.
  • A time he “swung for the fences” and it paid off and a time it didn’t.
  • The personal finance app he uses every day.


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