Try This When You Get Bullied at Work


Bullying makes it's way into the news consistently when it comes to schools, but you almost never hear about how it shows up at work.

One our own inspired tribe members is dealing with being bullied at work, and I can tell you that they're are not alone.

I've been through it myself, and it got so bad once that I actually feared for my own safety.

Bullying shows up at work like this:

  • belittling
  • deliberately overloading someone with work
  • purposefully withholding information that someone needs to do their job
  • undermining someone on a project so they're set-up for failure
  • name calling
  • excessive monitoring
  • And the social stuff like cliques and just leaving folks out of the conversation

On that list you may recognize that you're experiencing bullying too, and you may also realize that you've been bullying others and not even known it....

But have no fear!

Frankly, it's time to bring up the elephant in the room again...

On this podcast I'm stirring the pot a bit and tackling this head on.

You'll walk away clear on bulling and be empowered with the tips and strategies to deal with it.

Here's what you're getting on  this Episode of the Weekly Spark =>

  • My own personal story of bullying
  • The shocking's not just men that are bullying at work
  • How the tell the difference between bullying and tough love
  • The Shawshank Redemption Method of escaping bullying
  • The "Talk to the Hand" Method
  • The "Ugh" Approach
  • And several of other helpful ways to deal with it


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