Godard Abel

A documentary showed his weakness….

… then it elevated his leadership and inspired thousands.

Godard Abel is a 5x B2B SaaS Entrepreneur and Co-Founder and CEO of G2, the world's largest and most trusted software marketplace, which he co-founded in 2012.

G2 is used by 80 million people annually with over 2 million authentic peer reviews. It’s valued at $1.1B today.

While Godard’s career on the surface looks like a massive succession of “homeruns”, he wasn’t feeling successful on the inside. He was struggling mightily with his mental and physical health. He was in a bad place and made an incredible personal comeback.

Then he felt compelled to share the darkest moments in a LinkedIn/Hubspot documentary because he believes it can help others.

I love his story, and I think you’ll be inspired as I was.


He also serves as Executive Chairman of ThreeKit, a leading 3D visualization technology company, and Logik.io, a next generation configuration technology.

Previously, he was Founder and CEO of SteelBrick, which was acquired by Salesforce and also previously co-founded BigMachines, where he served as CEO and built it into a leading software-as-a-service provider which was acquired by Oracle in 2013.

Godard's LinkedIn profile

G2's website


  • What drives him.
  • The impact of attending a Waldorf school as a child.
  • Why he decided to show his most vulnerable side in a documentary.
  • Using anxiety and uncertainty as fuel to create.
  • How having a coach has helped him.
  • His “Entrepreneur Alter Ego”.
  • What happened when his company faced bankruptcy.
  • How a forum he joined changed his life.
  • What happens in his CEO peer-group meetings.
  • What he’s doing now that he’s never done at previous companies.
  • How authenticity is transforming his business and industry.
  • Why Linkedin is becoming the gold standard of trust.
  • What he learned from his first business as a teenager.
  • A tip for talking to your kids about business.


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