6 Ways Your Freak Beats the Average Employee


Do you have a job but go about executing it like you own the place?

Ever feel dissatisfied with the status quo or find yourself going above and beyond just make your office and organization better?

If so, you may be an “employeepreneur” who owns and marshals the resources around them no matter their work environment.

When I read about this in Chris Brogan’s new book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, I felt like he was speaking directly to me and everyone else for that matter who receives the ignition tips newsletter and Weekly Spark podcast.

Why Employeepreneurs have an Advantage

Employeepreneurs sometimes turn out to be the “Freaks” at the office because they don’t seem to fit in and sometime are considered “out there”.  They are less concerned about fitting in and prefer to stand out for their passion and enthusiasm.  Chris makes the case that this gives them an advantage because they seek alignment between their own ambitions and those of their boss and organization.

Chris’ assessment is that those who are willing to do things differently at work and stand out for the right reasons will have more success over the long haul.

I agree!

6 Tips to Get Better Results than the Average Employee


Guess, I’m a freak. You?

There are lot helpful nuggets in this book, but I’m sharing a couple below that really resonated with me and can positively impact your work day immediately.

#1. Construct your emails for brevity

  • Use your email subject line to sum up what your email is actually about
  • Limit your email to 350 words…anything more put below your signature
  • Limit your questions in an email to 1 or provide a bullet list that can easily be responded to
  • Phrase questions for a quick “yes” or “no” response

#2. Use responsible words – somewhere along the way we’ve learned how to protect ourselves by sucking the responsibility out of our communication.  Employeepreneur’s take responsibility willingly and openly.

  • Instead of “I can’t do that” use “I’ll work it out”
  • Instead of “I’m too busy” use “I know the priorities”
  • Instead of “I sent an email and they never responded” use “I’ll call them”

#3. Earn your way to the exciting projects

  • Accept and conquer small projects
  • Create your own projects
  • Ask for crappy projects
  • Take on bigger projects

#4. Do the job that’s in front of you – when you get caught up with focusing on the next big promotion opportunity your work quality can suffer. Approach your daily work with full intention.

#5. Reject the “not my job” mentality” – Practice caring less about what your job is technically and more about the bigger goal.  Bold goals almost always go beyond the scope of your job…so lots of work that shouldn’t be your job actually becomes it.  Embrace this idea and it can relieve a lot of frustration and yield bigger opportunities.

#6. Find your way to your goal – Every Employeepreneur eventually faces the challenge of no funding, a new leader that doesn’t get it, or what appears to be a dead end.  Proposing new ideas to “the leadership” and finding out that it isn’t viable solution is just part of the job.    The the biggest win of an employeepreneur is taking ownership and finding your way to the goal by asking:

  • What did you miss?
  • Who else can help?
  • What resources haven’t you thought to tap?

So pick one of these tips of the employeepreneur and try it in your work day.

What’s your story of being an employeepreneur?  What’s challenges do you face?  Please leave it in the comments below.

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