How to Build Your Most Supportive Community

Connect with Anyone

I’ve always been a sociable guy.  I love to meet new people and after years of working in organizations I’ve built a robust corporate network including almost 10,000 LinkedIn connections…if you count that sort of thing.

Despite this network though, there was a gap.

You see I was supporting others, but I didn’t have the community established to support me.  The consequence was that I was starting to lose momentum in my business and even getting a bit lonely.

I learned that everyone needs two communities – the one you serve and one that supports you. 

So I began the search for a supportive community I could connect with who were all on a similar journey.

Connect with the People that Inspire You

That’s when I came across the course that I want to share with you today, Connect with Anyone.  It’s helped me create the supportive community I was missing for the longest time.

Now I have an encouraging group of amazing people on a similar path.  We still meet periodically and even collaborate on projects.  Also I’ve connected with people that are doing more of the work I’d like to be doing which has helped push me farther than I ever thought possible.

It’s a course full of tips and interviews on how to connect with others, build your own community of support, and identify mentors that can offer guidance to help you along the way.  It contains some amazing and entertaining stories you won’t forget like getting Warren Buffet to help you pick out an engagement ring, having an in office chat with Seth Godin, meeting with Jessica Biel, and even working your way onto a multimillionaire’s yacht for sunset cocktails.

Most Powerful Connections are Intentionally Created

There seems to be perspective that you have to be lucky or rich to have the “right” connections in life.

While both certainly can be helpful, one of my biggest take-away’s from this course is that the most powerful connections and supportive relationships are intentionally created.

This is a wonderfully empowering.

This course gives you the strategies, how-to’s, and case studies so you can make that happen.

But No One Can Do It For You

Note that this is course doesn’t build the supportive community and connections for you. It’s like getting a warm introduction at a cocktail party where you’ve still got to invest the emotional labor of building the relationship.

So learn the strategies and meet the amazing people inside this community but be prepared to take action.

An Empowering Alternative to Networking…Connecting

One last thing is that I’ve been to a lot of frustrating networking events in my career and find that most actually fail.   They seem full of people talking but no one really connecting.

One of the things I like most about this course is that it throws out the junk about business card swapping and “What do you do?” and provides the fundamentals of establishing real relationships that endure.  One of the ideas I now use frequently from this course is that when you’re in a new a place don’t look a room as a bunch of strangers…only friends you haven’t met yet.

I’ve had a lot more success at these events with this new approach.

And by taking what I’ve learned from this course and applying it to my both my professional and personal life here are some of the results over the last year:

  • Mastermind group that actually resonates on a personal Level – I’ve been in mastermind groups before but the relationships I’ve developed  here have been on a much more meaningful level and have been supportive long after we finished the course.
  • Relationships with mentors I’d only read about before – I felt more empowered to connect with people I’d only read about before like Chris Brogan, Pam Slim, Jonathan Mead, and Scott Dinsmore.  A year ago I didn’t truly know any of them….now I call them my friends, and if you ask them I suspect they’d the same. I’m just getting started too:)
  • Inspiring relationships in my hometown – The irony is that I have clients across the globe but didn’t have a supportive network in my own town.  Now I’ve established an inspiring, supportive in person community right where I live, which has made a huge difference for me. I’ve also created another group where we workout with a trainer once a week (fitness and fun combined).

So learn more about this course and let me know what you think. It could be the connection community you’ve been missing to take your career or business to the next level.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below, and I’d be happy to answer them.



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