How to Get Promoted

Congratulations, you’re going to get promoted because you answered emails at 1:30 am, and you stayed at work longer than anyone else.

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Promotion Cycle

I used to believe this.

After all it can be satisfying to be the first person who answers the boss’ urgent email, has 100% on-time attendance, or advises the CEO that we’ve not run out of SKU 56DF1.

There is value in that.

But it’s a dangerous place to be.

In fact I wore this as a badge of honor (you might too), but it led me down the road of career burnout.

You see the more you show up at work just to follow the rules and play by someone else’s game plan, you’re walking a tight rope that can be cut at any time.

Following the Rules is Dangerous

The danger is when you take strategic, dynamic work and turning it into factory style assembly.

Instead of collaborating on new ways to add value, identify new markets, and build productivity; you get stuck filling out templates, completing forms, annual operating plans, and hours rolling up savings.

Executive “ala factory” might have worked in years past (it did); but it doesn’t really work well anymore…at least not consistently.

After awhile, if you’re working “in the factory” you might even be lulled into a false sense of job security or believing you’ve got infinite promotion potential…big mistake.

However once you grind down your executive work into factory style assembly, you can easily be furloughed, downgraded, eliminated, or outsourced.

Also this grind can lead to burnout.

Your Promotion is Now Available

Amazingly, you’ll find that you can become promotable fairly quickly and easily.

But it feels risky.

Start by challenging your views on what your work is and should be.

I like to think about giving myself a promotion first.  

I do this by doing work that matters to me most (see example A…this blog).

You can promote yourself by changing your mindset about work.

Begin considering work as a place where you grow, are challenged daily, and look to take strategic risks.  (versus maintain the status quo, get by, and wait for the headhunter to call)

By staying on the road headed towards small risks mixed with a bit of anxiety, you’ll get better and stronger at your work.

Become Promotable even Indispensable

You become indispensable and infinitely more promotable at work by having more guts to do the work that scares everyone else, even if they’ll never admit it.

As Seth Godin says, “When you expose yourself to opportunities that scare you, you create something scarce, something others won’t do.”

So the career ignition tip here is to consider what work you’re doing that maybe scares you yet intrigues you a bit.

Start exploring in that direction and see what new possibilities open.

To your Career!