5 Job Tweaks to Immediately Improve Your Work Day

Improve your job with a small change

Sometimes the job can get really frustrating and make you want to pull you hair out.

Maybe you’re facing a job burnout situation and just want to start building some positive momentum. Or maybe you feel like a client of mine shared recently…

“I need to run from my job like I’m running from a fire.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. You can make a few small changes to help turn this boat around!

Making the Job Tweak to Improve Your Day

Most people don’t see how they can improve their work day and still get the job done. It’s like making the necessary changes would require so much time and effort that its not worth it.

So, they either do nothing…and everything remains status quo or, they can get overwhelmed as soon as they start and quickly lose their motivation.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make a slight tweak to your workday to make it better?

Nothing huge. Just a tweak.

When I burned out, major changes seemed impossible. I didn’t feel like I could make a job shift and especially not a major career change. That’s when I decided to make a few small tweaks, that gave me bigger momentum to start tackling the big stuff.

If you do these, it won’t solve everything but these tiny momentum builders can help you feel a lot better at the end of the day.

#1 Set a light at the end of the tunnel

Control the time you can control and make it something you can look forward to.  Try scheduling a conversation with a friend or an outing with your family for the end work week.

#2 Choose who you spend time with

At work you can’t always choose who you spend time with, but when you can choose…choose. What seems to happen most times is that we fall into a routine of always have coffee and lunch with the same people even if they’re not very motivating or supportive.  Consciously choose to spend time with people that are positive, and creative, and leave you feeling better than before you sat down with them.

#3 Track your progress

In a work environment where the pressure is on for producing more, its helpful to recognize and highlight how far you’ve have come.  Take 5 minutes to track and record what you’ve  accomplished. This can give you a dose of satisfaction and help you remember to celebrate the small wins.

#4 Protect time

Sometimes it can feel like you’re just hopping from meeting-to-meeting and that others are in more control of your calendar that you actually are.  Look forward a few days on your calendar and actively block out 30 minutes to an hour solely for you.  Dedicate that time to work on a project you’ve wanting to get to, schedule a conversation with someone you’ve interested in connecting with, or just get out of the office for short walk.

#5 Help someone else

Reach out and help someone.  There is research by psychologist Adam Grant (the youngest, tenured profession at Wharton) that suggests there is karma from workplace altruism. If you help out a coworker, it helps build stronger social ties, then the positive behavior tends to come back to you. Co-workers often reciprocate your assistance by helping you.  How’s that for improving your work day?

Now select one of work day tweaks above, and try it today. Notice the difference.

What tweaks have you tried in your work day? How did it help?  Please add in the comments below.

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