How to Fall in Love with your Job


How to Love Your Job

I was in one of my favorite restaurants with my family and someone came up and asked, “aren’t you the guy who spoke to our group on figuring out and pursuing your passion”?

Then he said, “Well, it was good to see at least someone got out of the machine,” then he shared he wanted to do the same eventually.

I explained that I hadn’t left Corporate.

I’m still “in”, but now I’m loving it…although we’ve had our rocky moments like any relationship.

Discovering my love for the job took some serious introspection, amazing mentors, and a good bit of work.

The good news is that loving your job (with benefits) is completely accessible to everyone.

When you love your job you have more:

  • Bounce – You’ll find yourself bouncing (versus dragging yourself) out of bed in the morning probably before your alarm goes off.
  • Attraction – People just seem drawn to folks who love their job (versus complain about their job).  Yes, that means even if you are an ice trucker and love it then people will tend to buy you free drinks at the bar.
  • Lightness – You’ll mentally and physically feel lighter (not meaning weight loss but who knows it might be a nice side effect).  I could hypothesize about why this is, but just trust me it feels good.


Acknowledge the Fantasy then Refocus

What happens when you find yourself fantasizing about leaving Corporate, making a difference in the world, and having exciting adventures…eventually?

It’s exciting to think about the possibilities.

It can even become an obsession.

Leaving Corporate might be the solution for you eventually, but you’re missing out on something big when you’re stuck in the fantasy.

What happens when you redirect your energy into focusing on the job you have now?

Fall in Love by Seeing the Opportunities

I’ve been through lots of corporate leadership trainings, MBA School, and team retreats.

None of these really impacted how or if I loved my job.

In fact, I even felt myself growing more distant and considering separation.

I finally started to fall in love, when I began seeing every moment as a learning opportunity.

When you begin seeing the opportunities in your current job, you’ll likely begin seeing them everywhere (even if you change companies, change jobs, or stay in same ol’ position).

This rule even applies at home, at the club, and at the football game watch.

It’s just a matter of picking which opportunity to follow.

How to See the Opportunity

Falling in love with your job is usually not immediate, and you may have to grow into the relationship.

It’s less like the romance of Pretty Woman and more gradual growing love in When Harry Met Sally.

Cover of "When Harry Met Sally"

Loving your job evolves over time

The key is to take the first step.

You can do that by getting into the habit of considering two powerful questions:

1.) What’s your own biggest re-occurring complaint?

Listen to Yourself.  If you can’t think of it quickly of what yours are, then ask a close friend what they hear you bitching about most.  Then consider what would do if, you were responsible for solving it.

2.) What’s the #1 thing you hear the people at the office complaining about?  

Listen to someone else.  Talk to them and probe what’s really going on.  What’s underneath the hood of the complaint?

The complaints are where the juiciest parts of your job are.

By pondering these questions you’ll start to fall into mad, passionate love with your job.

These possibilities are where you can make a huge impact your world.

And that’s just the start!

To Igniting your Career!

Ben, the burnout specialist