Take a career risk

It was my first trip to Vegas, and I didn’t have a game plan.

I was going with a group of guys that included a few high rollers (of which I wasn’t one).

In fact, I was attempting to go to Vegas on a budget.

I thought that the whole point of going to Vegas was to gamble and win money…not lose money for goodness sakes.

I’d heard about the feeling of “being up”, and I wanted to experience it.

But I’d also heard all the sob stories about people losing big the first night and then playing nickle slots the rest of the trip…yawn.

So I asked a friend for advice on how to win in Vegas, and he responded by something totally contrary to what I thought…

“Don’t go to Vegas to win; Go to get fleeced slowly.”

The Best Way to Gamble with Your Career

Ever considered taking a gamble in your career so big that you could lose it all?

A gamble so big it could make or break you?

Intimidating, isn’t it?

Most people never gamble in their career because…it’s risky.

The downside of losing your steady income, 401k contribution, and insurance gets to be too big.

However, there’s a key distinction.

It’s like I learned in Vegas.

Gamble small and gamble frequently enough to get better.

I stayed away from craps and roulette because both games are fast, and it always seemed like I lost  (and even won) too quickly.

Even Black Jack was dangerous because it was high speed.

I didn’t want the experience to be over in minutes.  I was in it for the long haul.

I did my research and found the slowest playing game with the best odds.

You won’t get rich, but if you pick the right game, you’ll

  • Improve
  • Play all night without losing much
  • Learn from winning and losing
  • Enjoy the camaraderie (and free drinks)

The game to play in Vegas to reap these benefits is….

Pai Gow Poker.

A game known for a slow rate of play and lots of pushes, resulting in a truly low risk game.

Of course, my friends at first shunned me for playing it, but by the end of the night they saw the beauty and all joined-in.

We played it until we were ready for breakfast the next morning and most of us finished slightly up or with minimal loss.

How to Gamble and Win with Your Career

One of the best ways to progress in your Corporate career is to make small bets and take frequent micro-risks (aka gambles).

Gamble so small that it won’t break you or the company, but make them large enough so you can see the impact and correct as you go along.

Small gambles start with:

  1. Opening up a new conversation at the office on a sensitive topic.  Do so without knowing where it’s going to go.
  2. Make a confident decision based on the best information available versus hesitating and waiting for more analysis.
  3. Offer up an off-the-wall idea in your next meeting meeting to solve the problem that everyone’s been talking about for months.
  4. Make a proposal that only has a 50/50 chance of being accepted.
  5. Take on a project that has a chance of failing, but you know you’d get some amazing learning.

Gamble to learn and make the journey more satisfying.

But recognize you’ll experience some losses along the way.

Gamble big enough to learn, yet small enough to keep playing.

Even if you’ve never done it before, you can start small just like I did.

To Making Your Next Bet!


PS:  Note that small gambles in your career may be addictive.

Be prepared for them to yield big results!

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