6 Strategies to Say No without Getting Fired (Podcast)

how to say no

Saying “No” isn’t always easy, especially when it involves the boss or a coworker.

I’ve personally struggled with saying ‘No’ for the longest time because it felt so uncomfortable saying it.  I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, so it just seemed easier to keep the peace by saying ‘Yes’ most of the time.

This resulted in a lot of self-inflicted pain.  I found myself taking on much more than I was capable of doing and I’d end up stressed out, burning the midnight oil, and predictably drop the ball thus making things worse for everyone involved.

I wanted to do better, and I knew should say “No” more often.  But knowing you should say No and actually doing it are different things.

So I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned so you can become a “Pro at saying No”.  These strategies will help you deliver the “No” when you most need it and:

  • Experience more freedom within your work day
  • Say No without the guilt
  • Prioritize the work that’s crucial to your success

The Principles of Saying No

In this podcast, I’m explaining the 3 main principles of saying No:

  1. Saying “No” doesn’t mean you’re rejecting someone; you’re just declining a request.
  2. You’re always teaching others how to treat you. So if you never say “No”, they’ll keep coming until you finally do.
  3. It’s never to late to say it.

Six Strategies to Say No without Saying It

Also in this podcast, I’m sharing 6 strategies to say No without saying it because there’s often an easier (and more comfortable) way to handle the situation than a flat out ‘No’.

I’ve given them some memorable names to help your remember them for your work day:

Strategy 1 – The “Prioritizer”

Strategy 2 – The “Booked”

Strategy 3 – The “Say What?”

Strategy 4 – The “Breather”

Strategy 5 – The “Talk to the Hand”

Strategy 6 – The “Trade-Off”

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