Hating your Job Gets Into Your Bones, Head, and Heart (and what to do about it)

“Oh, you hate your job?  Why didn’t you say so?  There’s a support group for that. It’s called everybody, and they meet at the bar.”

Drew Carey

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I was taught as a young boy to never to use the word “hate”.

You probably don’t use this word in your house very much either (I hope).

I agree it’s far too strong a word to use when it comes to describing the opposing football team or even a workplace bully.

But the reality was for the longest time…

I hated my job, and I was afraid to admit it.

If I admitted it, would that mean that I’d been wasting my time with all of the energy and hours I’d invested?

This question had me concerned, and I discovered that if you hate your job you’re going to burnout.

It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”.

Also if you hate your job, you’re not fooling anyone.

It’s obvious.

Hating your job shows up in how you walk in to the office, how you answer the phone, and how you participate in meetings.

How Hating Your Job Shows Up in Your Words

The easiest way to tell if you hate your job is that it shows up in your language.

In fact 183 people actually said that on Twitter on Monday before 7 am (I did a Twitter search on “I hate my job”).

Scary, huh?

Most of us don’t actually say it because it feels really uncomfortable.

If we’re not actually saying those words it can still show up in more subtle ways like:

  • You avoid telling people what you do for a living.
  • You never share how your work day went with your family.
  • You’ve got worries of impending work doom spinning through your head on Sunday night (dreading Monday mornings).

You can also see it coming if you frequently catch yourself saying, “another day, another dollar” or “I’ve got to go the work today” (instead of “I get to go to work today”).

The Emotions of Job Hating

When you hate your job, you’ll find lots of varied emotions…

What to do if you hate your job

Each one of the emotions has their own story.

The story could be that work has to be “the grind” or “you’ve got to pay your dues”, or that work has to be tedious.

In any case, emotions are predispositions for action.

Your emotion comes first and that inspires the action.

Imagine if you’re showing up at the office in emotions of resentment, anger, and resignation when you enter the office doors?

How are these emotions serving you?

What actions are available in those moments?

The Physical Impact of Hating your Job

When you hate your job it takes a physical toll.

Hating your job

The body tension generated from hating your job can lead to all kinds of health related issues.

The one that I experienced was an overall tightness at work that started showing up at home and even on the tennis court.

When you show up this way every day it starts to have a cumulative effect.

You can even feel your body cringe when you walk in the door.

After awhile you may be slumped at your desk and start finding your muscles tightening especially in your shoulders, hamstrings and lower back.

If you’re stuck in this body shape all the time it can tough consequences.

This can lead to your body being into a permanent uncomfortable shape of leaning with shoulders forward, a slight bend at the waste, and head down.

How To Stop Hating Your Job

The good news is that you can stop the job hating and transform your job into one you love.

I like to recommend stopping a few things first because that seems to take less energy (versus starting something new).

Here are 5 things you can STOP doing now to stop hating your job.

1.) Tedious Work

Sometimes in corporate you’ve got to do the data work or just the ridiculous manual stuff. Realize that this kind of work will get you burned out and could probably be easily outsourced or automated.  Do the work as quickly as possible then start brainstorming ways to get it off your plate.

2.) Sticking to your Job

If you’re only focused on doing work related to your job then watch out.  Companies like specifically defined job descriptions but sticking to that only can leads to burnout.  I find it helpful to always think about how I could take my job one step earlier or one step later in the process. For example, if you are loading trucks then think about box design or how many you can load in the truck.

3.) Working a Full Day

Do you ever find yourself stretching out your work day?  It’s often unconscious.  Figure out how to do your job in 7 hours:  Why?  So you can use the extra hour to make it better.  Create new interesting projects that make a difference where you are.  The space give you ability to pursue what you love and add value at the same time.

4.) Looking Busy

Speak up if you not using your capacity.  The trap can be to get into a job where you using 10% of your capabilities. Often times the corporate environments silently encourages employees to get into a position where they are an expert and know how to do their job.  That’s nice, but sometimes it’s too comfortable and you lose your hunger for creativity and innovation.  You get bored.  You lose your edge.  If you’re using what you can really bring to the table then let someone know and start considering adding something your interested in to your plate.

5.) Hanging around with Co-workers (at least the gripers)

If everyone was complaining about their job at the last happy hour you attended, then stop going with them.  Begin seeking out those people who love their job and go get coffee with them. This has an amazing impact because just as griping is infectious, so is passion!

Stop Your Job Hating with this Step

Pick of one these five above.

Then stop for one week.

Notice how it impacts your job

What opens in the space you’ve created?

What new energy and capacity are available?

To Sharing the Job Love!

Ben, The Burnout Specialist

Bonus Tip *Answer “Why?” – Why are you working?  This is the supercharger for all careers. When you connect with the “why” you’re career will take off. You’ll find energy in places you never knew, you’ll wake-up early, and maybe even be disappointed that the work day ends!

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