How to Take Time for Yourself

How often are you told to take time for yourself? It’s sage advice that feels great and gives you that feeling of freedom. However it’s easy to give this statement a giant eye roll.

We all know it’s important take time for yourself but how? I share three practical strategies in this video to create more time for yourself today.


Use these three practical strategies to create more time for yourself today:

  1. Apply Parkinson’s Law – his theory is that work expands to fill the time you allocate for it. For example, you book an hour for a meeting that should take 30 minutes however the meeting ends up going for an hour as that’s the time you have allocated. To avoid this, compress the time you’ve allocated for meetings and routine tasks (email, follow-up calls, etc…). Then measure the impact.
  2. Clarify the outcome of what’s on your to-do list – Open your to-do list and your calendar. Ask what’s the intended outcome, then consider a possible shortcut.
  3. Review every deadline – Identify what deadlines can be pushed out immediately, so you can take more time for yourself. Keep in mind, the law of negotiating deadlines = the ones further out in the future are easier to negotiate than the ones coming up today.

So what’s going to be your strategy to take time for yourself? Please share in the comments below.